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  1. Many thanks for the fast answer. I'll start to build my system anytime soon now.
  2. Hi there, I acquired a Marantz SR6013 to replace my Sony BDV-9200N. The speakers i had work with the Marantz. The subwoofer isn't an active one. I was thinking of slowly replacing the speakers with Klipsch ones, starting with the subwoofer because im using one that isn't mine. My questions are (since i don't/cant want to buy the speakers all at once) can i work with different speakers at the same time? The ones i have from sony are 6ohm, the Klipsch are 8ohm. The other question is, i have a list of speakers i would like to buy but i cant get any advice on them (from the seller i got the Marantz from, or even the Marantz brand itself from my Country) to see if what im getting is compatible with the AV receiver i have or if its too powered for it. In the the future i would like to have a 7.1.2 speaker system. I noticed on my list is missing the floor stand speakers for the back. Thanks in advance, Paulo
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