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  1. I am running a Luxman R115 and like to add a power amp to it to get a bit more power to my RF7s, not looking to spend a lot so any suggestions would help thanks!!
  2. Hello, does anyone have an RF7 series one Cooper woofer for sale? Thanks Tom 716-361-1667
  3. Are these sold? Sorry it’s old post
  4. Are those yours? Are you familiar with them? I am going to get either RF7 1 or these I think, may have to replace a woofer in the RF7 if I can find one, what do you think?
  5. Awesome! Any help or opinions would be very helpful thanks !!
  6. How was the bass? We’re they a good speaker to run alone without a sub?
  7. From what I could find they sold for $995 each in the mid 80s which certainly was not cheap
  8. Cool thanks for your feedback, I really want the KLF 20 but I cannot find for sale local for a decent price.
  9. Hey all, I can across a set of McIntosh XR16 speakers for sale, 12” woofer, 8” mid and two tweeters. They look nice but I am not familiar with their speaker line, I called McIntosh and they said they were made in mid 80s. If anyone has heard them or has any information I’d appreciate it, he is asking around $500, thanks Tom
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