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  1. I tried but having issues with file size I’ll try again thanks!
  2. New music hall mini phono pre amp, was going to use on different amp but stayed with the vintage so no longer needed, shoot me an offer 716_361-1667 thanks Tom
  3. Have a Shure M97x cart with stylus, got a new table so no longer needed, shoot me an offer thanks 716-361-1667 text is best!
  4. Beatific pair of Klipsch Cornwall’s From 1977, drivers and cabinets all original, original owner made a custom wood grill surround original cloth and badges, text me 716-361-1667 for pics located in Buffalo NY
  5. I have a beautiful pair of Cornwall’s id like to trade for KLF 30s, I’m in the Buffalo NY area text me 716-361-1667 thanks Tom for pics.
  6. I wish I was closer ! I would trade your Cornwall’s for those
  7. Im not sure what that is, a tube amp? Ive never had one.
  8. Hey all, I have a Luxman R115 pushing Cornwall’s from 1977, would I benefit adding a 125 watt power amp to this setup? Would I get better sound with clean higher power? I know the corns are super efficient, any help appreciated thanks Tom
  9. Im selling a Luxman 113, 114 and a 115 PM me if your interested.
  10. Never know lol, if I did them I would get the Crites ones I don’t have any soldering experience
  11. Thanks, do you think that would de value the speakers at all by not being 100% original?
  12. I will check again to see if I am missing something, it was a bit dark and I looked quick before work, let me see if I can find out for you. You can text me if you like and I can send some pics of them, Tom 716-361=1667.
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