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  1. I wish I was closer ! I would trade your Cornwall’s for those
  2. Im not sure what that is, a tube amp? Ive never had one.
  3. Hey all, I have a Luxman R115 pushing Cornwall’s from 1977, would I benefit adding a 125 watt power amp to this setup? Would I get better sound with clean higher power? I know the corns are super efficient, any help appreciated thanks Tom
  4. Im selling a Luxman 113, 114 and a 115 PM me if your interested.
  5. Never know lol, if I did them I would get the Crites ones I don’t have any soldering experience
  6. Thanks, do you think that would de value the speakers at all by not being 100% original?
  7. I will check again to see if I am missing something, it was a bit dark and I looked quick before work, let me see if I can find out for you. You can text me if you like and I can send some pics of them, Tom 716-361=1667.
  8. I do, a lot of sound! Lol, my ears still getting used to them from the KLF entirely different sound
  9. Really? I see MS stamped on the back don’t see a A
  10. Thanks! People are divided on upgrading or leaving alone, prob keep them original as long as I can until I need to repair something.
  11. I have a beautiful fully automatic JVC Ql-F4 table, has MKii cartridge low hours and the table was just serviced with new motor and works perfectly. Looking to get a newer table now, the cover was tinted black makes it look really sweet! You can text me with any questions 716-361-1667 thanks Tom
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