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  1. Pair of Klipsch KLF 20 3 way loudspeakers, each has 2 10” drivers, horn midrange and horn tweeter. I took these and completely restored them. The veneer was rough and bubbling so we sanded them down and ironed out the bubbles best we could and refinished in a walnut wood stain, there are still some spots that are not perfect but still look amazing. I took out the tweeter and crossovers and sent to Bob Crites which he rebuilt the crossovers using new sonic caps and upgraded the tweeter with titanium diaphragm. These speakers are LOUD, crisp, clean and bass is incredible. These are rare now and are in perfect condition and will last a lifetime. I will audition for only very serious buyers as these are special and do not come up for sale often. They need nothing but a good amp and your ears! A pair on eBay is selling for $1500 now with no upgrades. Read Less
  2. Yup mine look great and now I’m selling them 😔
  3. I have a completely restored pair of KLF 20s with the Crites upgrades, have a chance to get a pair of Dali 8 from the 80s, how would you compare? Should I sell the 20s for the Dalis? Thanks Tom
  4. I know this is old but I have the KLF 20 originally black and are refinshed in a walnut color.
  5. Hey! Yes I was looking for the X30 did you have one you wanted to get rid of??
  6. Hey all, I have a Velodyne F-115 servo, amp is bad. Can I replace the amp with a different one even with the servo system? Any help appreciated thanks Tom
  7. I don’t know that’s how it was when I bought them
  8. Yeah for sure, I think I will in case I ever need a replacement
  9. Hi Bill, Maybe you can help me. I have a Yamaha AS701 integrated amp and I am just using my sub out to the sub in with a cable. I don't have the X30. My question is this ok to do? It sounds decent but cant control the phase or the Xover but my amp is set up for 80 hz on the sub out. Thanks for your help, Tom
  10. anyone have an X-30 for sale?
  11. Old post but man now I need this very part you sold!!! Just my luck
  12. I got a great deal on this sub but it lacks the phase and x over controls. I have a Yamaha A-S701 Integrated amplifier and was wondering if I need the X-30? I have the sub line in and sounds decent. Thanks for any help and If you have one for sale let me know! Tom
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