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  1. Mcintosh MA 6100 Preamp Integrated Amplifier . Condition is great! I replaced the glass and the box which I purchased from Audio Classics. The unit was serviced at precision Audio in Buffalo NY, which a few transistors were replaced and LED upgraded lights for a brighter faceplate. Volume knob has a little bit of noise which he said may need to be replaced at some point and can be purchased for about $60, but the unit works perfectly and sounds like a nice warm amp, def that vintage sounds for your LPs. Will have professionally packed and shipped Fed Ex. If you have any questions or like additional pics please let me know. Thanks for looking !
  2. Wow thanks for the info! I’m guessing the Mac will have ample power to drive the RF7s, it’s in the shop new getting looked over and cleaned up, as far as those power amps I would definitely have to win the lotto! Haha
  3. Man these would be awesome but I’m in Buffalo NY
  4. Hi yes and I’m impressed you remember all my speakers lol, I do like the RF7s for sure, but I do miss the sound of my KLF 20s, mids and highs were a bit more forward. Corns were ok not mind blowing lol
  5. Hi Bill, Yes the Luxman is a ridiculous amount of power to those speakers, I listen LOUD and I’ve never wee above 4, that amp is super powerful wayyy more that the RF7s need ans tons of headroom. A while back I had a lady selling a 117 for $400!!! But she decided to keep it sentimental I guess ughh.no one seems to want to buy the 115 though 🤷‍♂️.I have always wanna to dive into the McIntosh world so I bought a 2100 integrated which is coming today.
  6. Ive been using my Luxman with the RF7s, It’s a super powerful amplifier I barely go over 2 and The house shakes, I’m wanting to get into the Mac world for a while and still selling the luxman
  7. I’ll be using my RF7s so I highly doubt I’ll need more power than 70 wpc
  8. Thanks! I guess I didn’t ask my question properly lol, I know this unit can be used as a pre amp as well juts was wondering what would be a good pair up for a power amp if I decided to boost the watts, make sense? 😂
  9. Wow that’s a great article thanks! I did not get the manual and the amp is coming tomorrow! It was missing the original wood box and glass was cracked, I purchased a new box and glass from audio classics I can’t wait to hear it!
  10. Ok interesting, they only came in the cherry color so I guess my black are original series 1, any idea what year they were made? Thanks Tom
  11. Ok thanks I Read that they made two versions of the series 1, one was more desirable. I guess the difference was wood or plastic in the front 🤷‍♂️
  12. The serial number is 03020158 showing 250 watts, black. Anyone know what series and when they were made? Thanks !!
  13. I plan on using it as an integrated amp for now unless I need more power, I have Klipsch RF7s series one now so I may not need the extra power
  14. Anyone have any input what would be a good power amp for my McIntosh 6100? Thanks !
  15. Just bought a Mcintosh 6100 on the way to me now, any thoughts? How would it pair with my RF7s? Thanks for any input!
  16. Thanks, I’m sure is more than ample power to drive my RF7s, I’ll have the unit gone over to make sure it’s all to spec and such.
  17. Hey all, juts bought a Mcintosh 6100 integrated 70 wpc, I should get it this week. I currently have RF7s series one and figured they would be great for the amp as they are very efficient. Any one have any experience matching Mac stuff to speakers? Mac speakers any good? Juts looking for anyone who has had a similar setup and any suggestions would be appreciated thanks !
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