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  1. Jim, Thanks for the information. I guess there is a chance that I have the 8th Style 7 built. That's pretty special to me. Johnie
  2. Thanks! You veterans are great at helping this newbie out! I hope the one I own is close. Actually my K-horn is labelled 175. However, every part of the unit is labelled 174(the K5 horn is 169). According to Jim 174 and 175 were built side by side. My guess is Lloyd accidentally switched the labels at completion or shipping. Johnie
  3. Jim, Is there a record of which Klipschorn was the first style 7 and when it was built? Thank You, Johnie
  4. Jim, I have a question about my crossover. It's not mounted on a board like others I have seen. Written in pencil on top of one of the coils it has a date of March 1949. The number 0 0 0 5 0 and the number 380. The S/N on the Klipschorn is 174. Do you have any info for this crossover or know what the numbers are in reference to. Thanks for your help with this and all the other questions you've answered, Johnie
  5. Wow I love the info on 184. Jim helped me with info on mine as well.
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions. I would also like something with tonal control. Johnie
  7. I am fascinated by early Klipschorns and their individual back stories. Where is the best place for pics and info? I would love to see pics from forum members.
  8. You think so? I had been looking to purchase a vintage Klipschorn. This is the oldest I have come across.
  9. Lloyd McClellan built my K-horn (No. 174). His initials are throughout. Is there a way to determine who built my K5D Horn? It is numbered 169 and is dated November 8th 1948. Thanks, Johnie
  10. Is there an estimate as to how many Klipschorns have been produced since 1946?
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