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  1. I recently purchased a vintage k-horn. I am currently using a low-end Nobsound mono amp to power the speaker. Actually it sounds surprisingly good. However, I would like to upgrade. Can anyone recommend an amp for my k-horn? One that won't break the bank. Thanks, Johnie
  2. Who is the man in the photo on the home page for the museum (the one, on the lower left of the page, of the man holding a square to a K-horn)? Is that Lloyd McClellan? If not is there any info or are there any photos of him online? Thanks, Johnie
  3. I'm certainly no expert but looks like salt air to me. As if it lived on the coast at some point.
  4. I am able to compress the file and insert it into the post, however, when I submit the post the pic does not appear.
  5. More pics of 174 Still struggling to add photos
  6. LSM are the initials. Thank you once again. I can't adequately Express how much joy owning this speaker has brought me.
  7. I recently purchased Klipschorn number 175. Upon closer inspection I discovered that every part of the speaker is numbered 174. Jim helped me out and let me know that 174 and 175 were produced at the same time. So it looks like I have number 174 but it was labeled 175. Upon even closer inspection I found the signature in the attached image. Can anyone tell me who that signature belongs to. I also included other interesting photos. I've tried for over an hour to upload the pics to no avail. Guess I'll never know...lol
  8. The label on my K-horn says 175. However the unit is labeled 174 on the bottom and on the inside of access panel. The K-5 horn, which is labeled 168, also has the number 174 handwritten on the corner of the label. Jim said that 174 and 175 were constructed at the same time. It is obvious that my speaker is 174 but received the label for 175.
  9. Upon further inspection it appears that everything has the number 174 with the exception of the label itself which reads 175. I wonder if the other speaker is just the reverse. It really doesn't matter. I am very fortunate to have this speaker. Almost completely original. The capacitor and everything else has been tested and is in good working order. It sounds amazing! Thanks Again!
  10. Jim, I have received the Loudspeaker referred to in your post. The side panel is indeed labeled SN 175. However the very bottom of the speaker is labeled, in pencil,174. Also the K5 horn has the number 174 written on the lower corner of the label. Is there a reason that the SN would have been changed or is this a labeling error? Is there info available for 174? Thanks for all your help. Johnie
  11. The previous owner sent these to me. The Previous owner sent these to me. Johnie
  12. JRH, Thank you for your time and the information. I spoke this morning with a previous owner. He believes that he may still have the Original Stephens p15 driver. Johnie
  13. JRH, Thank you for your time and the information. I spoke this morning with a previous owner. He believes that he may still have the Original Stephens p15 driver. Johnie
  14. Thanks HDB, The previous owner is sending the original paperwork that came with the speaker. Supposedly this contains the bill of sale. Maybe that will clear up some things. Thanks again for your time and attention! Johnie
  15. Thanks for welcoming me. Also, thanks for the great pics and for the info. Johnie
  16. Hello, I recently purchased this Klipschorn. From my research I was able to find out the production year and finish type. Can you help with the rest of the information? What is "Style 7" and what does the "34" in front of the finish code mean? Also, where do I turn to find out if there is more info. in the log book from that year. Also, at the bottom, is written "2 Feb. 50 W". Could this be when it was sold? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Johnie
  17. I purchased this K-horn this morning. I will update once I have it in my home. In information anyone has is welcomed. Johnie
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