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  1. Its a Euphoria Stereo 2a3/45 built by Matt over at Toolshed amps. Couldn't be more that happier with it. If you have any questions for what you're looking to build/achieve he'll be glad help you out.
  2. I was recommend Lounge Audio LCR and its been fabulous!
  3. Thanks guys! Never having vinyl before the sound is pretty shell shocking! If you google OceanBeachPallet Co on Etsy they make all kinds awesome vinyl stands etc.
  4. Hello all! This is my first setup have pair of Forte's paired with ToolShed amp from Matt which he has been tremendous help in this process/build, Lounge Audio LCRlll with Morrow cables. Look forward learning from you guys/gals. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
  5. Hi, New here so I hope this is correct place to ask this but I'm currently in market to purchase pair of these Sixes. Problem is purchase option went away on Klipsch.com, Crutchfield says unavailable and Amazon has them on sale. So for you guys in the know does it seem like there being phased out for newer version or did I just wait to long buy them while they were available? Thanks for help/suggestions!
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