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  1. Hello, I'm having some trouble with my R-51PM active speakers not automatically connecting to my iOS devices. When I switch the input to Bluetooth, it will not connect to my iPad Air 3 or iPhone, which have previously been paired to it. Instead I have to manually connect via the settings app on the iPad whenever the speakers turned off or switched inputs. Automatic connection works fine on my MacBook Pro. I thought for sure that doing a factory reset on the speakers in order to delete the Bluetooth devices list and only connecting the iPad would work, but no luck. I have read that iOS can be a bit dodgy on this but it should be up to the speakers to auto connect and as mentioned, it works fine with the MacBook.
  2. I'd like to bring up this post again. I thought I had arranged myself with the noise but it is fairly annoying. The normal hiss is acceptable to me when sitting >2m away from the speakers, but the additional noise coming from the left speaker is pretty bad. The noise is reminding me of faint wind shrieking. It recently started to bother me again after I moved the speakers a few centimeters and so I'm wondering whether there is anything influencing the loudness.
  3. Thank you. It does seem that way. Very unfortunate. Every other setting persists.
  4. I can see the feature being useful in a 2.0 setup but with a sub connected, it can be overpowering leading to rumbling low ends. I can hear a clear difference even at what I wouldn't consider low volume. It's also not practical for me to always keep the volume of the input device at the same level which apparently affects the EQ. Generally I greatly prefer the cleaner sound with the EQ turned off. All it does to my ears is raise low ends. Maybe the fact that there is a crossover setting only for the sub but not the speakers makes the issue worse.
  5. Not sure what you mean by reengaged. And do you mean did I turn it back on before the speakers shut off? No, I have tested it multiple times. DBE is always enabled when the system is powered on, no matter what the setting was when it switched off.
  6. So I have been playing with the Dynamic Bass EQ setting on my R-51PM paired with a R-100SW sub. I have concluded that I prefer the sound with the EQ turned off. Unfortunately, the setting is not memorized and turned on again after each sleep/turn off. This really seems like the kind of easily avoidable problem that can really make you become frustrated with a product. Am I missing something or will I have to live with this?
  7. My active R-51PM speakers produce this short popping sound right before music starts to play over Bluetooth. So no sustained noise, just a single short pop. Not too troubling but still an annoyance. Can anyone confirm their set does this too? I only noticed it today after I changed the speaker's position and rewired them. Never noticed it in the two weeks before that but it's possible it's always been there. Just thought I'd ask if this is normal before hunting for a cause. Edit: Switching to an individual power outlet fixed this.
  8. Thanks! Got a good deal on the new model and will only pay a slight premium for the uniform design.
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a sub to add to my R-51PM speakers. I am considering the R-10 as well as the newer model R-100. Is there any information on the advantages of the new series of subs? for example I'm wondering if the new dynamic eq of the speakers work better with the corresponding sub.
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