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  1. If you drive a lot, don't have to carry much and live in a mild climate why not another Miata? Keep the Camry for bad weather and drive it into the ground.
  2. If those were close to me I'd buy them. Great looking color combo.
  3. Not Klipsch but looks interesting.... never heard of these before. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/ele/d/weimar-jbl-paragon-d44000-speakers/7068642044.html JBL Paragon D44000 Speakers - $17500 (FORESTHILL) image 12 of 17 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) condition: excellent make / manufacturer: JBL model name / number: Paragon D44000 Genuine Vintage JBL Paragon Speaker. Not a replica. All drivers and crossovers are correct and in perfect working condition. Walnut cabinet is in beautiful original condition; near mint, only a couple scratches/ small marks. Drivers are LE15A, 375, 075. Crossovers are LX5, N7000. Cabinet #915. Serial #41766. (from "JBL Paragon" Wiki) The Paragon is a horn-loaded, stereo speaker system housed within a two piece (Three piece including the slot in reflector panel) 9-foot (2.7 m) cabinet. Launched in 1957, the Paragon is the world's earliest production stereo loudspeaker for home use, and also the most expensive speaker at the time. As the flagship JBL product, it cost $1,830 (£650) – equivalent to more than $15,000 in 2013 terms. The "Paragon" is the product with the longest production run of all JBL loudspeakers. It was produced continually until it was discontinued in 1983. With an estimated total production of about 1,000 units, it is highly sought after by collectors to this day. Serious inquiries only message me with your name and number and I will get back to you. Located in Foresthill CA 20min east of Auburn.
  4. Zack R

    2024 Solar eKlipsch

    I wish I was in the path of totality for the 2017 eclipse. Here in central Oregon everyone was freaking out about the potential crowds so I stayed home, which was about an hour south of the path of totality. It was almost dark and still really impressive, however a few friends of mine were in the path and they said it was life changing.
  5. Are you selling the Cornwalls? If so any further details?
  6. Now that it's been a few years do you have any further observations between the CF3's and Cornwalls? Both of these speakers are on my list, however at the top of my list is building a Cornscala D and running an ST70 tube amp.
  7. Snowy! The current view out my home office window.
  8. Just saw these, far away from you but they do come up now and then out here. Seems about double what the price should be though. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/portland-klipsch-la-scalas/7052153693.html
  9. Owned since 73' and only used a few times???? Crazy.
  10. Any updates from the OP? How have the Cornscala's been treating you the last few years?
  11. Teenagers that aren't into cool "vintage" audio??? Are you sure these aren't ready to live a second life shaking apart a dorm room in the next few years? My little one in only 3 years old so I really don't know what teenagers are into these days. GLWS!
  12. Let's see some photos! Is it just me or does it seem that over time there's more Chorus's for sale in FL than other areas?
  13. For those in the know - for a long narrow space such as this is it better to place speakers along the long wall or short? I guess its just as easy to try both and see what sounds better. Enjoy the 4th quarter - my dad recently retired so it's been interesting to see how he plans to play out his 4th quarter as well
  14. 1955 Klipschorn- Rare and Amazing! - $5000 (SW Portland) image 5 of 7 https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/ele/d/portland-1955-klipschorn-rare-and/7029952641.html © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) condition: excellent make / manufacturer: Klipsch model name / number: Klipschorn size / dimensions: 48x30x24 Beautiful pair of 1955 Klipschorn- verifiable by serial numbers- with original, large wood midrange horns. Woofers were replaced in around 1960 with Klipsch branded Jensen P15LLs. Midrange drive is a Klipsch KV 400 and tweeters are large, alnico EV T-35s. These have the original, early 16 ohm crossovers with big coils and Paper in Oil can caps as well. Very rarely offered or seen, and these are superior in every way to the stock and modified 1978 pair I owned. Cash sale only. No trades, checks, money orders etc...
  15. Too far away for me..... https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/ele/d/brick-klipsch-chorus-ii-speakers/7025340012.html Posted 45 minutes ago print Klipsch Chorus II Speakers - $800 (Brick) image 1 of 4 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) Nice condition Klipsch Chorus II Speakers.
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