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  1. If the Yamaha CR2020 sounds good why are you looking for another option? It sounds like something is wrong with the Adcom GFA5800 if you are hearing noise. Also just to be clear the speakers only use the watts they need, even a 250w/ch amp is probably only outputting an average of a few watts at normal listening volumes. My analogy is that you can have a 400hp car but still drive it along at 55mph, using maybe 25hp....
  2. Just came across this review from 1995. https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-All-Audio/Archive-Audio/90s/Audio-1995-07.pdf New to CF3 ownership and the hobby in general but thought the impedance curve was interesting. If I'm understanding this correctly this means the amplifier needs to be able to handle loads as low as 2.9 ohms for short periods of time? Thus far on my old Optonica SA5405 amplifier (65w /channel) I've hit the protection circuit twice, while at high volume (12 o clock on the volume knob, but I could tell it was at max power - speakers were not distorting) and when the bass was heavy. Perhaps the old amplifier was struggling with the impedance dropping so low. Learning new stuff everyday! I'm still shopping for a more capable amplifier but the old Optonica is keeping a smile on my face as the journey unfolds.
  3. You are in for a treat! I haven't heard CF4's but my CF3's are more than impressive.
  4. CF3's are sub 20" footprint and will fill your room with sound. They are still big though..
  5. I've really been enjoying these........ I used to avoid listening to live music recordings since they didn't sound as good, now I specifically seek them out. The Optonica SA-5405 (1980 vintage, I think 65w/channel) has been powering them quite well but I'm still trying to figure out what Amp/DAC/streamer setup I want to eventually go with. While listening to music at a elevated level a few weeks back I had the hair stand up on my neck moment for the first time (in a home environment). I think i finally understand what I've been missing all of these years. Crystal clear sound, hearing the cymbals and guitar like its live in my living room!
  6. In college.. a month before the next quarter started (and financial aid kicked in), wasn't working and was down to my last few dollars. Lots of ramen, Mac and cheese, hot dogs, and occasional leftovers from roommates. I could have asked for money from my folks but wanted to see what it was like to really be hungry and knew I could make it through the month. Car ran out of fuel so I biked everywhere. Kept losing weight and I'm a skinny dude to start with. Ever since I've worked and saved and have done quite well, but I'll always remember that lean month. Mom was pissed when I told her that story a few years later.
  7. The CF3's are now in my house. I've been enjoying music by the warm fire as it snowed and dropped into the teens over the weekend. More details to follow in the coming weeks....
  8. Just so you know ---- integrated means that the pre amp and power amp are combined into one unit. When you say "power amp" that's referring to a amplifier that requires some kind of preamp to send it a signal.
  9. I plan to pick up the speakers at the end of this week and I'm already shopping for a new amplifier. What are your thoughts on the Yamaha AS801? Most of my source material will be digital streaming, however vinyl plays a big picture as well. My listening room is large but I'm not planning to listen to things very loud very often (except sometimes when I'm the only one home).
  10. That's great to hear - I've been messing around with AVR's and home theater in a box quality Yamaha speakers, etc.... for far too long. I've been doing a lot of reading on here and elsewhere and figured it's time to jump into a solid 2 channel system with both feet. I have a fairly large living room area with tall ceilings (~20') and need something to fill the space.
  11. Thanks everyone! I spoke with the seller and he sounds like a legit Klipsch guy. He also has a pair of vertical Cornwall decorators and KLF 30's. He even offered to drive them 60 miles south of the Seattle for me to pick up (my round trip will be closer to 550 miles) which is a huge plus, the traffic up there is a mess.
  12. I just won the auction for $610. These will be my first Klipsch speakers. Super stoked! It's about a 7 hour drive (each way) for me to pick them up, currently sorting out the logistics with the seller.
  13. If you drive a lot, don't have to carry much and live in a mild climate why not another Miata? Keep the Camry for bad weather and drive it into the ground.
  14. If those were close to me I'd buy them. Great looking color combo.
  15. Not Klipsch but looks interesting.... never heard of these before. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/ele/d/weimar-jbl-paragon-d44000-speakers/7068642044.html JBL Paragon D44000 Speakers - $17500 (FORESTHILL) image 12 of 17 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) condition: excellent make / manufacturer: JBL model name / number: Paragon D44000 Genuine Vintage JBL Paragon Speaker. Not a replica. All drivers and crossovers are correct and in perfect working condition. Walnut cabinet is in beautiful original condition; near mint, only a couple scratches/ small marks. Drivers are LE15A, 375, 075. Crossovers are LX5, N7000. Cabinet #915. Serial #41766. (from "JBL Paragon" Wiki) The Paragon is a horn-loaded, stereo speaker system housed within a two piece (Three piece including the slot in reflector panel) 9-foot (2.7 m) cabinet. Launched in 1957, the Paragon is the world's earliest production stereo loudspeaker for home use, and also the most expensive speaker at the time. As the flagship JBL product, it cost $1,830 (£650) – equivalent to more than $15,000 in 2013 terms. The "Paragon" is the product with the longest production run of all JBL loudspeakers. It was produced continually until it was discontinued in 1983. With an estimated total production of about 1,000 units, it is highly sought after by collectors to this day. Serious inquiries only message me with your name and number and I will get back to you. Located in Foresthill CA 20min east of Auburn.
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