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  1. I thought the whole point of the garage sale was to make sure the speakers go to a good home for a fair price
  2. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/ele/d/tacoma-klipsch-la-scala-all-original/7344940864.html CL seattle > tacoma > for sale > electronics - by owner Posted about 19 hours ago print Klipsch La Scala All Original Condition - $2,500 (Tacoma) <image 1 of 8> © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap condition: excellent They both look and work pretty good-excellent condition. There are some very minor hair size scratches and tiny chips here and there on it. Cash only and NO trading. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 7344940864 posted: about 19 hours ago
  3. I'd stick with a simple two channel setup (with the Cornwalls), and for ease of use get a nice integrated amplifier. It might not be the pinnacle of performance but everyone in the family gets to enjoy it and its not complicated or difficult to use. They will fill that room with sound easily, no need for surround speakers and subwoofers IMO. You have the opportunity to sow the seeds of audio enjoyment with the entire family, that way if someday you end up wanting a dedicated listening room they'll understand. I really enjoy it when my four year old is dancing in the living room and can walk over to turn up her favorite song on the "big stereo".
  4. Welcome! I'm not sure how others approach this question but I've found its easier to choose the speakers you want, then choose an amplifier that matches well. For example if you have a small room and sensitive speakers (meaning they don't need a lot of power to produce high volumes, like many Klipsch speakers) then a low wattage amp can work well. On the flip side if you have a large room those same speakers will require more power to reach the same volume levels. Another thing to consider is the nominal wattage used for listening will be pretty low, however if part of the song has a deep bass note, or loud crash sound, etc... it can require a lot of power for a short amount of time. I'm sure others will chime in with their thoughts and experience, good luck on your journey
  5. I'm very fortunate that we are on well water that is clean and tastes delicious. No filters, no chemicals added, just from 90+ feet below ground. Also no monthly bill other than the electricity to run the well.
  6. I've been happy with my Louisiana Grill 24" kamado. It was $600 at Costco last summer. I've never had a smoker or smoked anything before to compare it with, but the spare ribs were delicious so I must have done something right.
  7. The price is down to $1800. They look pretty nice, would be good to see the grille removed. Posted 3 days ago print Collector owned Klipsch Cornwall / Vertical - $1,800 image 14 of 14 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Im the 2nd owner of this set of near mint 1968 KLIPSCH Cornwall Vertical/ frnt port. Much sought-after Used in clubs and studios The cabinets are 8/10 The sound is 10/10 All original Asking $1800 Txt or call only
  8. I run the Yamaha A-S801 (bought used for $600) with my CF3's and it sounds great. I specifically chose with the 801 for the built in DAC (USB input from the computer) and optical input so I could connect my TV. I've been eyeing the A-S1100, 2200, etc... (used) though... I've seen them come down a bit in price recently. In the off chance you are in central Oregon you could borrow mine for a weekend to try it out. 🙂
  9. These have been for sale for a long time at $5k, this is the first price drop I've seen. I bet they would have sold long ago if they weren't black.
  10. Wide angle lens distortion.
  11. Although wind turbines do kill birds, relatively speaking the numbers are low compared to other sources. In areas with high bird migration there are a handful of radar based control systems that can stop the wind turbines when birds approach. https://detect-inc.com/wind-energy-bird-bat-radars/
  12. For residential use I would 100% recommend solar, grid tied. For backup power I'd go with a propane generator since a grid tied system will not provide power if the power goes out. Off grid systems are a whole different beast. For the most part small scale wind turbines are finicky and unreliable. I'd only recommend one if someone has a strong wind resource and its mounted up on a tower above any obstructions. Source = I've been working in the utility scale wind industry for 14 years.
  13. @Shiva That's a great question - I've wondered the same thing. I'm quite content with my CF3's but I've never heard CF4's to compare.
  14. I haven't actually measured the power draw however I tap out way before the amp/speakers do during spirited listening. The volume knob is not linear but the highest I've had it is halfway up. The amp gets warm but not too hot. I've also heard that the CF3/4 speakers really like plenty of power and from my experience that is true, especially in a large room. My old 65w channel amp would go into protection mode if I pushed it too hard.
  15. I'd try a pure 2 channel setup with the CF4's and see what you think. I run a Yamaha A-S801 (2 channel) with my CF3's for the following reasons: - It was not too expensive - Easy for others to use since its integrated - USB input and onboard DAC for streaming music from my mac, sounds great - Optical input for the TV, we don't watch a ton of TV/Movies however it sounds good to me in 2 channel I used to be all about surround sound, small speakers all over the room, etc.... after switching to 2 channel things are so much easier and sound so much better. The only way I'd go with an AVR is if it was for a dedicated movie room.
  16. I'd move the speakers off of that table (or set the turntable somewhere else) and see what happens.
  17. That's great news, and something that may not be widely known. Thanks for the heads up!
  18. Wow quite the thread! I'm no expert but here's my take.... as someone newish to Klipsch ownership (CF3's) that I enjoy as they are. I like the sports car analogy someone made earlier, as I see these heritage Klipsch as something timeless and ever evolving (and appreciating) like a Porsche 911. Some people hack them up, modify them into something they never were intended to be and may or may not be happy with the outcome but the changes are sometimes permanent. To me this is not so bad on a salvage situation, speakers that were thrashed to start with. Make them whatever you like. This is the LS engine in the 911. Potential for high performance but the original intent is lost. Other folks maintain the original intent, pursue "upgrades" to some extent but with the idea that the original product only needs slight adjustments based on what has been learned since it's inception. Kind of like modern tires on the classic 911, or a crossover refresh, sand down and refinish, or even a driver replacement (as like for like as possible, and only if needed) This is where I'd find myself. The last group is the purists, they want to absolutely maintain the OEM spec without almost no allowance for changes. They would run leaded gas if it were available, as well as bias ply tires... Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it can be difficult to achieve, especially if the OEM parts are not available. I imagine if there were OEM "Klipsch" manufactured/tested/approved parts for the old Heritage speakers more folks would be interested in going this route. If I owned a vintage La Scala and they needed some work I'd definitely explore this option, perhaps offered by a secondary supplier that is Klipsch approved.... Lots to learn and in the end we have more in common than we think, no matter the preferences listed above.
  19. As someone who is new to Klipsch ownership (since March 2020, CF3's V1, they sound amazing) what would be the current recommendation for a crossover refresh (assuming it is needed)? I'm not looking for an "upgrade" or anything like that, rather if these have never been serviced I'd like to make sure they meet OEM specs.
  20. https://bend.craigslist.org/ele/d/bend-altec-lansing-846a-valencia/7246782024.html flag Posted 3 days ago print Altec Lansing 846A Valencia Speakers - $2,375 (Bend) image 5 of 8 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap condition: excellent make / manufacturer: Altec Lansing model name / number: 846A Valencia Matched pair of Altec Lansing 846A Valencia Speakers. Incredible sound quality. We are moving and downsizing and will not have the room size to accommodate these speakers. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 7246782024 posted: 3 days ago
  21. Just came across this today, short but good:
  22. This is a very good point. My Klipsch CF3's are the first speakers I've owned that can be played at an extremely loud level without it seeming as loud since they won't distort. During a spirited listening session I'll leave the SPL meter open on my phone just to keep things in check. There's a definite sweet spot where the volume is enough to feel like you are there with the musician, but not overly loud or fatiguing. Everyone that I've had over (none are into audio as a hobby) to listen comments on how "clear" and "realistic" the sound is, especially when playing live performances. The look on someone's face after hearing my current setup is priceless.
  23. PS: This is the Kamado grill I have. Was $600 at Costco and works great so far, its huge though! https://louisiana-grills.com/shop/24-ceramic-kamado
  24. I have a Kamado grill that also works as a smoker, it's not hard to control the temp at all. In fact I just smoked a small brisket for Thanksgiving, took about 7.5 hours from start to finish, easily kept it at 250F and that's with an outdoor temp that varied from 26F to about 40F. Good luck on your search!
  25. I'm running the Yamaha A-S801 with my CF3's and have been happy thus far. I'd say it's a great starting point for someone who is interested in two channel stereo without breaking the bank (mine was $600 used). The USB input for the onboard DAC is what separates it from the A-S701. Welcome to the forum!
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