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  1. I'm in the process of finalize list of speakers to buy for an upcoming HT project. Only thing I have right now is AVR (Denon AVR-X4400H), display (LG B8 65") and a sub. My goal is to build a 5.1.4 system with potential upgrade path to 7.1.4 in the future, but the room is small, only measuring at 1200ft3. So I may not have necessary space or even see noticeable improvement over five channels. But that's for another day. Here is my list so far. Stereo: RP600M Center: RP600C Surround: RP402S I understand that many people prefer Atmos speakers in-ceiling, instead of bouncing the sound off ceiling with Atmos enabled speakers. I intend to go this route since I can't really use Atmos enabled speakers for the rear Atmos on top of RP402S even if I wanted to just go with something like RP500SA and call it a day. My question is, do you think it is necessary (or beneficial) to go with Pro line for in-ceiling to timbre match with other speakers? Or do you think something like CDT series (3650 seems more than enough for my space) would match my rest of the system? I know my only option to get Pro line is to go with professional installation. But since I lack the skills to install in-ceiling myself (I may be able to do the installation itself since it looks super simple, but I've never ran wires in the ceiling before and I may need some help with that) and will probably require installation service anyway, so this isn't a deciding factor for me. But the added cost of speakers themselves is something to consider. I read a lot of debate about timbre matching surround system. Many seems to think it's not important as long as they have distinctively different sound signature and should only be concerned with fronts. Some thinks it's important so the moving sound feels as smooth as possible. TLDR: Do you think it is worth going with Pro series in order to timbre match for Atmos use? Or do you think money is better spent elsewhere?
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