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  1. Thanks HenrikTJ Are you saying that it would be best to get two 100SW instead of one SPL-120 for roughly the same budget? For the receiver here is what I am considering Onkyo TX-NR686 as you suggested ($350) Sony STR-DN1080 ($449) Yamaha RX-A680 ($499) Denon AVR-X3500H (I can get this one for $550) I can also stretch maybe stretch for the Yamaha RX-A880 ($649) I feel like the Denon could be good value for money
  2. Hey everyone I've been thinking (read "dreaming") about getting a 5.1 home theater setup for a while now. I currently don't have one at home, and I was saving for a full Klipsch setup. I found a great deal on two pairs of RP-600M which I could not pass on. This was outside of my budget initially, but now that I have them, I need to do them justice. I am going to get a RP-500C or RP-600C as center speaker and need some advice on both a sub and a receiver. For the sub, I am wondering whether a 120SW is enough for this setup or whether it's worth stretching to a SPL-120? For the receiver - I have never owned one and I am lost on how to shop for one. The setup will mainly be used for 4K movies, and bit of hi-fi audio listening. I still live in an apartment so I will never push the system to its limits, I just want something that's very easy to use for a novice, that works well with the setup and sounds great. My budget is around $500 for the receiver. Any recommendations are well appreciated!
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