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  1. As the title says, wife and I are having our first baby and that pushed me to finish all my partially completed projects to get rid of some parts I had on hand over the last 7 months! I have been building these items for fun and experience over the last 3 years and learned a lot. I recently started making my own custom logos to add some flair to the amps. If you do not like the look of an amp or want a special logo made separately, let me know and I can include so you can swap it out. I have listen to and enjoyed all of these pieces in my system, but realized it's time to let some of it go! I generally try to match up preamplifiers with amps and would offer discounts for multiple items being purchased. I am located in Houston but willing to ship. We can negotiate shipping if multiple items are purchased. I can send more pictures, just PM me or message on this thread. Preamplifiers and Headphone Amps: - Korg Nutube b1 Preamplifier in black Hammond Chassis with AMB Sigma o11 regulated PSU in external matching chassis - asking $500 (preamplifier only) - Korg Nutube b1 Preamplifier in silver Hifi2000 chassis and contains power filtering board inside. The power supply is a Triad SMPS wall wart - Asking $400 (preamplifier only) - Amp Camp Preamp in silver Hifi2000 chassis with Triad SMPS wall wart - Asking $400 (Preamplifier and Headphone amp) - Wayne's Linestage Preamplifier in a custom built chassis with AMB o11 Sigma power supply and walnut sides - $500 (preamplifier and Headphone amp) - Whammy (Waynes Headphone Amp Must Make Yourself) in a silver Hifi2000 chassis. I added preamplifier outputs to it and a switch for either mode - Asking $350 Amplifiers: - Amp Camp Amplifier with Diyaudio Forum modifications recommended by Tungstenaudio and Rudi Ratlos, CapMX Power Supply, 28 volt rails, and custom built chassis with 10mm silver faceplate and rack handles - Asking $700 - Amp Camp Amplifier with Diyaudio Forum modifications recommended by Tungstenaudio and Rudio Ratlos, CRC Nelson Pass Power Supply, 24 volt rails, and custom built chassis with walnut faceplate - Asking $500 - Amp Camp Amplifier mono block pairs in custom chassis with Curly Maple faceplates and Tungstenaudio upgrades to the boards. 24V Meanwell power suppliers. - A friend enjoyed these for 6 months and ended up buying one of my last pairs of upgraded PSU amps for his system knowing I wouldn't be building any more for awhile. - Currently building a pair of Amp Camp amps in the Diyaudio chassis' with Tungstenaudio upgrades and a separate external PSU with CapMX PSU, torroidal transformers, and a Hifi2000 Pesante 2u. Length of umbilical cord will be between 2-3 feet. - Asking $1200 once completed Other: - H2 Harmonic Generator with 12V Power supply in small, silver hammond chassis. Great way to add second harmonic distortion on a budget! - Asking $80
  2. About to post some new gear I’ve completed and no longer need. Just need to put some finishing touches.
  3. Sorry. I just sold them but I do have one very good stereo amp I built that I am about to post.
  4. For sale is a completed class A Nelson Pass designed setup I put together with matching custom designed vinyl logos. I built the Whammy and PSU but did not build the amps originally. I did, however, upgrade them and check all solder joints. Description of each piece is below: - Whammy Headphone Amp/Preamp is a Class A preamp designed by Wayne Colburne at Pass Labs. High quality parts and includes Preamp outs and a switch to go between headphone and preamp out. This can easily run low to high impedance headphones and makes a great high gain preamp. - Amp Camp Revision #1 monoblock amps. These are highly modified with upgraded schematic part changes discussed on DIYaudio forums, adjusted for 24V input, and have an upgraded PSU I built. - ACA PSU includes a torroidal Antek transformer with 200va and 20V secondaries for a steady 24V power to the amps. The power filtering is a Cap Multiplier supply that is a huge improvement over the original 19V supplies and newer 24V supplies recommended by Nelson. The PSU connects to the amps with special Umbilical cords I created. Amps put out 10 watts of SMOOTH Class A and would work well with any 90db and higher efficiency speakers, especially Klipsch. RCA input only to the preamp and only one input. Any questions, just ask. I am only selling this setup as a set. Located in Houston, TX. I am asking $800 plus ship.
  5. One more pair of these amps for sale. A friend I built these for traded up to a torroidal version I built for him. He had a carpenter design the faceplate out of Curly Maple to look similar to a Pass Amp and I installed them. These are beautiful. Asking $650 and I’ll ship for free in the continental US. These are the same as the Walnut ones but don’t have the SMPS filter board.
  6. Price dropped to $700 and will still ship for free within the US.
  7. I am the original owner of this Don Sachs Linestage unit and paid $2800 for it. I ordered it from Don approximately 1.5 years ago and it has performed great ever since. It was built in walnut, caps for 47k or higher impedance, XLR inputs, and has the WE6sn7 tubes and uses the 6BY5/6X5GT. The only issues with this unit is the cabinet. When I received the unit from Don it was not double boxed so one back/top corner was slightly dented and there was a 1 inch scratch on the side. I couldn’t ship it back because of funds and timing (moving houses) so Don gave me $200 for my troubles. I patched up the corner and thought about lightly sanding the scratch then re-sealing the wood but could never see the small damages while on my rack so I didn’t care to take the time. I considered adding some decorative corner brackets to the unit as well. I am having my first child so selling this to help with funds. Asking $1800 and I will ship for free anywhere in the CONUS. Any questions, just ask.
  8. Still available. Pictures below of the newest black ones I built with Walnut faceplates.
  9. Looking for a 10inch woofer for a KG 4.2. I believe it is the same woofer used by the 4.5 and 5.2. I see one on ebay for $100 after shipping, but hoping to find one cheaper. Model number is K-1005-k. Thanks!
  10. Nice condition Marantz SR 7015. Comes with Audyssey microphone, remote, antennas, and power cable. There are some very small scratches on the top but hardly noticeable. The unit has been updated to the newest firmware. Can ship to the continental US for no cost extra. Asking $1650 for a $2800 unit brand new. Shipping basically free!
  11. Newly built Amp camps designed by Nelson Pass. I added power filtering boards for the 24V Meanwell Power supplies and upgraded parts changes that bring the amps to a new level! Can be run as monoblocks balanced XLR, bridged rca, or parallel rca up to 16 watts Class A per channel. If you have questions, ask or PM me. Asking $700 and I’ll ship for free anywhere in the continental US.
  12. Agreed. Parallel sounds awesome. These amps are fun because you can use them so many different ways if you have monoblocks.
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