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  1. The BA3FE and Elekit have SOLD. Now I just have the F6 for sale. I will ship it for just $50 flat rate if anyone has interest.
  2. Below is a pic of the Elekit without the cage on. I will be selling it with 6l6gc tubes. The gold lions would be extra.
  3. I built a Nelson Pass m2x with parts from DIYAudio for a friend in a large modushop 5u chassis. Just last week he asked me to upgrade it to an F5 Turbo, so now I have ALL the parts to build an M2x except for the chassis, IEC, rca inputs, speaker posts, and screws/standoffs. I currently use a pair of M2x monoblocks on my Cornwalls, so I do not need to build another amp. I am asking $280 SHIPPED for all the parts. To finish the amp, you really only need to spend another $300 for the chassis, and $50-$60 for everything else. That gives you a nice Class A amp for under $700. I have built an F4, F6, F5, F5 Turbo, and the Amp Camps and this amp has by far been my favorite performer from the pass line-up. It has great mid-range, solid bass, and has a more tube-like sound than the other Pass Amps. What you get is: - 2 Fully stuffed m2x boards with Tucson boards installed - Antek AS-4218 with Transformer cover - 2 35A Monolithic Diodes - 4 Brand new Keratherm Pads - Power Supply Board with 60,000uf per rail - 2 new Cl-60 for the power - 4 pairs of un-stuffed Daugther Boards - Roll of mu metal to put over Edcors if you have hum
  4. The JOLIDA CD Player has SOLD. I am dropping the price of the JD-302B tube amp to $650+ Shipping.
  5. Pics of the F4s below along with the BA3 FE. Both were built in the DiyAudio 4u deluxe chassis from DiyAudio (BA3 in the Pesante 2U) and have genuine Toshiba JFETs. I also included XLR inputs for both amps.
  6. Sorry I forgot to mention. The BA3 Front End preamp I would do $400. It has a Kubota Power Supply, Clarity Caps, Toshiba JFETs, and a nice stepped Attenuator A3 from Glassware. The selector switch is also from glassware and it has 3 inputs and a Tape out I included for my headphone amp. Once I get home I’ll send more pics. Right now it has perfect gain for my F6 or M2x but two resistors can be changed out to increase the gain.
  7. My wife and I just put an offer on a new house and I need to down size on some new gear I built in the past couple years (most during the quarantine). I own Cornwall III's and have enjoyed all of these amps with them. - Nelson Pass F6 Class A Amplifier (Clone) - $900 - Two Nelson Pass F4 Class A Amplifiers (Clones) -SOLD - Nelson Pass M2x Amplifier with Tucson board (spare unstuffed daughter boards included) - SOLD - Jolida JD-302B Tube Amplifier with Parts Connexion Level 1 Modifications - SOLD - Elekit TU-8340VK with EVERY upgrade offered by Victor Kung including Lundahl Transformers, Takman Resistors, and Mundorf Evo Supreme Capacitors - SOLD - Nelson Pass BA3 Front end preamplifier - Goes well with the F4s in Parallel or the F6/M2x - SOLD Send me a message if you want specific pics or have questions about the parts or tubes I will include. Shipping will depend on location and weight.
  8. I just wanted to chime in on what I settled on for Pass Amps. After listening to the m2x, F4, F5, F6, Upgraded Amp Camps, and Various Tubes amps (Bottlehead 300b/Bob Latino VTA-120) I settled on the F4. It is clean, crisp, fast, and VERY detailed. I built a BA3FE preamp as well as a Pearl 2 Phono from PassDiy and now my tube gear is all in the closet collecting dust. Sure I liked the tube sound, but the F4 has a little bit of everything including some warmth and great punch in the bass. The m2x was the most tube-like, but it also had looser bass and not as much crispness on the highs. It kind of reminded me of the first time I rolled in Mullard CV4003 tubes. Great mids and bass but did not have that sparkle on the top. If I had to rank the Pass amps in order of use on my Klipsch it would be: - F4 - Amp Camp with Torroidals (Upgraded Capmx Power Supplies from Rudi_Rozek on DiyAudio and TungstenAudio's changes) - M2x - Nelson Pass' Amp Camp (Upgraded from TungstenAudio's changes on DiyAudio forum) - F6 - F5 - Nelson Pass' Amp Camp (no upgrades or changes) I currently have two matching F4's with XLR inputs and adapters to tie together the rcas and run the amps in parallel. I am going to try F4's as monos and see if I can hear a difference between just one even though the current does not increase into 8 ohms.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Should I just message bob for his input?
  10. I have a friend that had some spare parts pulled from a single La Scala and I was wondering if I could build a Cornscala with it to use as a Center channel with my Cornwall III’s. I have a KT77 Tweeter, A-55-G squawker, and a Dean Wescott La Scala crossover. I also have some spare Hawthorne Augie 15’s but not sure if I can incorporate them somehow in the build... Thanks.
  11. I currently own a pair of Klipsch Cornwall III's and have been bouncing around with different amps to decide what I like the most. Right now, I am in between a Bob Latino VTA 120 I built and a Pass Clone M2x I also built. I love top end and detail I get from the VTA-120's KT88 tubes, but the bass from the M2x is so punchy and tight. I have an SP-12 preamp from Tubes4hifi that has two outputs. Can I SAFELY biamp the Cornwall's but using the VTA-120 tube amp on the mid/high and Pass M2x on the lows? I see a lot of people saying it is perfectly fine, but others mention it is bad for your amplifiers. I do have a volume knob on the VTA-120 i can use to even out the output to match the M2x. Any feedback is appreciated.
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