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  1. Price dropped to $700 and will still ship for free within the US.
  2. I am the original owner of this Don Sachs Linestage unit and paid $2800 for it. I ordered it from Don approximately 1.5 years ago and it has performed great ever since. It was built in walnut, caps for 47k or higher impedance, XLR inputs, and has the WE6sn7 tubes and uses the 6BY5/6X5GT. The only issues with this unit is the cabinet. When I received the unit from Don it was not double boxed so one back/top corner was slightly dented and there was a 1 inch scratch on the side. I couldn’t ship it back because of funds and timing (moving houses) so Don gave me $200 for my troubles. I patched up the corner and thought about lightly sanding the scratch then re-sealing the wood but could never see the small damages while on my rack so I didn’t care to take the time. I considered adding some decorative corner brackets to the unit as well. I am having my first child so selling this to help with funds. Asking $1800 and I will ship for free anywhere in the CONUS. Any questions, just ask.
  3. Still available. Pictures below of the newest black ones I built with Walnut faceplates.
  4. Looking for a 10inch woofer for a KG 4.2. I believe it is the same woofer used by the 4.5 and 5.2. I see one on ebay for $100 after shipping, but hoping to find one cheaper. Model number is K-1005-k. Thanks!
  5. Nice condition Marantz SR 7015. Comes with Audyssey microphone, remote, antennas, and power cable. There are some very small scratches on the top but hardly noticeable. The unit has been updated to the newest firmware. Can ship to the continental US for no cost extra. Asking $1650 for a $2800 unit brand new. Shipping basically free!
  6. Newly built Amp camps designed by Nelson Pass. I added power filtering boards for the 24V Meanwell Power supplies and upgraded parts changes that bring the amps to a new level! Can be run as monoblocks balanced XLR, bridged rca, or parallel rca up to 16 watts Class A per channel. If you have questions, ask or PM me. Asking $700 and I’ll ship for free anywhere in the continental US.
  7. Agreed. Parallel sounds awesome. These amps are fun because you can use them so many different ways if you have monoblocks.
  8. I buy the exact ACA boards from DiyAudio that’s in Nelson’s Amp Camp kits. What I do is upgrade the parts, modify the schematic based on recommendations from DiyAudio forums and my experiences, add filtering boards, and diy my own chassis. The chassis from DiyAudio costs $150 and makes up almost 50% of the amp. I am able to source my heatsinks locally for cheap and get them cut to size so I can make a chassis for much cheaper.
  9. Here are pics of another pair I built with black heatsinks and black bottom. I will be finishing them with tops this weekend and offering to finish them with a specific wood faceplate if someone wants to buy. I have Zebrawood, Birdseye Maple, and Walnut available to use. If I don’t have any takers I’m going to go Zebrawood but attempt to dye the wood darker.
  10. Amps are still available. I am also building one more pair with black heatsinks, black top and bottom, and Zebraswood faceplates stained black if anyone has interest.
  11. Yes I accept PayPal. Regarding insurance I didn’t have that included, but we can work something out.
  12. Sorry everyone. Was on vacation and just returned. To clarify, yes these have one xlr per amp so you can run them as xlr balanced. The reason there are 4 speaker posts and 2 rca inputs (left and right) for each amp is because I built them exactly like Nelson Pass’ Amp camps from DiyAudio but with modifications. $700 total. I’ll cover shipping within the continental US.
  13. Two Custom built Amp Camp ACA Class A monoblock amplifiers with a lot of upgrades and differences from Nelson's $350 kits on diyaudio. - 24V Meanwell SMPS Power Supplies - Birdseye Maple Faceplates - Slightly larger heatsinks than the diyaudio amps - XLR input and bridging switches - upgraded interior parts included changes recommended by Tungstenaudio on diyaudio (smooths out top end, tightens bass, more dynamic) - added Power Filtering boards to reduce hash/trash from SMPS filter by RThatcher on diyaudio (cleaner signal, better imaging) Power Output - Single amp is 8 watts per channel in 8 ohm and 5 watts in 4 ohm - Monoblock XLR - 16 watts per channel - Monoblock Bridged - 16 watts per channel into 8 ohm - Monoblock Parallel - 16 watts per channel into 4 ohm I have built at least 25 of these amps ranging from the basic 1.1a boards all the way up to torroidal amps with highly upgraded boards. These were used by my brother until he asked me to build him some torroidal ones for his Klipsch Chorus II's. I have turned a lot of people away from tubes with these amplifiers. Asking $700 and I will cover shipping for free... Shipping from Houston, Texas to anywhere in the CONUS.
  14. Thank you. I really love these amps! Yes, the amp camp camps with the external (Leopard Lacewood) and the two with torroidals inside the amps (walnuts) are $1200 per pair.
  15. Sorry. Everyone. For some reason I’m not getting notification emails. So far, the two M2x monoblocks, Small ACA monoblocks, and the ACP preamp have all sold!
  16. During the last year, I have spent a lot of time building Custom Nelson Pass Class A Amplifiers, preamplifiers, and headphone amps and I need to start selling them. The amps I have been building are all from boards I get directly from diyAudio.com. I have listened to push-pull tube amps, SET tube amps, vintage amps, and even high powered class D amps on my Klipsch Cornwall III's, but always find myself enjoying the Nelson Pass amps the most. Below is what I have available for sale: F6 Power Amplifier in Silver Steel Chassis - 25 watts per channel Class A into 8 ohms and 50 watts into 4 ohms - 18 Volt secondaries for a total of 24 Volts. Used an Antek transformer and 60,000uf of capacitors. - Genuine Toshiba Matched JFETs. - Asking $1000 shipped. - M2x monoblocks in high quality black chassis with 10mm faceplates - 25 watts per channel into 8 ohm and 50 watts into 4 ohm - This amp has daughter boards you can swap out like tubes for different input buffers (3 of 5 are included and 1 board just needs the leds to complete) - Single ended rca only - Very warm sound stage with strong mid range and deep bass - SOLD - Amp Camp ACA monoblocks in custom built chassis' with Walnut Faceplates - In bridged mode these amps are 16 watts per channel (one stereo amp is 8 watts) - These amps can be run in stereo, XLR balanced monoblocks, RCA bridged RCA, or in Parallel - The power supply in these amps are upgrades from the laptop supply from the diyaudio website. It consists of a torroidal transformer and high quality CapMX power supply built onto "firetruck red" boards in front of the Amp camp boards. - Each Amp Camp board consists of upgraded parts and schematic changes based on HIGHLY recommended parts and changes posted on the diyaudio. Changes smooth out the top end, tighten the bass, and add more depth. - Very detailed top end, tight bass, and very wide depth - Asking $1250 (Free Shipping) - Amp Camp ACA Single amplifier in custom built chassis with YOUR CHOICE of wood faceplate (prices vary) - This is a single version of the Amp Camp with torroidal transformer and CapMX power supply on "firetruck red" boards in front of Amp camp boards - A single Amp sounds just as good as the monoblocks but with less power. If you have VERY efficient speakers this one amp is perfect - Each Amp Camp board consists of upgraded parts and schematic changes based on HIGHLY recommended parts and changes posted on diyaudio forum. Changes smooth out the top end, tighten the bass, and add more depth. - Asking $650 SHIPPED but could be more depending on wood faceplate Amp Camp ACA Monoblocks with external power supply and Leopard Lacewood faceplates - The power supply consists of 4 Capmx power supply boards and two torroidal transformers with umbilical cords. - In bridged mode these amps are closer to 20 watts per channel as they use 28V instead of 24V - These amps can be run in XLR balanced monoblocks, RCA bridged RCA, or in Parallel - Each Amp Camp board consists of upgraded parts and schematic changes based on HIGHLY recommended parts and changes posted on diyaudio. Changes smooth out the top end, tighten the bass, and add more depth. - Asking $1200 Shipped for the two amps and external power supply Single board monoblock Amp Camp amps in DiyAudio silver chassis' - Each amp has its own single Amp Camp board and individual 24V laptop power supply - Each Amp Camp board consists of upgraded parts and schematic changes based on HIGHLY recommended parts and changes posted on diyaudio. Changes smooth out the top end, tighten the bass, and add more depth. - Puts out 8 Watts per channel and is single ended RCA ONLY - SOLD Other Items NOT Amps Whammy Class A headphone Amp - Silver chassis - Can power low or high impedance headphones - Asking $425 Shipped Noir T2 Headphone Amp - Black chassis - Can power medium to low impedance headphones - RCA outputs for preamp use - Asking $125 Shipped Amp Camp Preamp/Headphone amp in Hammond Chassis - two inputs - Headphone output or preamp output - Power medium to low impedance headphones - SOLD Please reach out if you need more/better pictures. I ran out of space...
  17. The BA3FE and Elekit have SOLD. Now I just have the F6 for sale. I will ship it for just $50 flat rate if anyone has interest.
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