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  1. Conflict leads to excellence because it weeds out weak ideas and people. Way too many overly sensitive feedback adverse triode trend hoppers making the rules these days. Not sure how an internet pillow fight between a couple of electro- geeks is a threat to forum security. Time to grow some hair on your pentodes and toughen up. - TH6AQ5
  2. Cheese and rice, the banter on this forum was no worse than what is experienced in high school football and wrestling locker rooms or in the military. The age of real men is dead, sadly replaced by junior high hall monitors policing audio forums. Bravo!
  3. Agree 100%. Strictly moderated audio forums are no fun!☹️
  4. You clearly have never owned or used JJ2A3-40's or you would not be making such ill informed comments on this forum. The fidelity of JJ2A3-40's in a well crafted SE amplifier is sublime, something you are apparently clueless about. This is not a personal attack , but a response to your flawed assumptions about a vacuum tube. TH 6AQ5
  5. Bottom line is if people are cool with me, I will be cool with them. If they write s*** to me, I write s*** back to them. This is the internet, so nobody is going to die from a bit of online trash talk. It's part of the hobby. All in good fun. TH 6AQ5
  6. You are dealing with some home theater guys here who are poster children for metformin. In high school, they got their butt cheeks duct taped together by football players and wrestlers. Would any of these pudgy dorks bring an amp to the Serious Stereo room at RMAF 2019 and challenge Dennis Fraker to an amp shootout? I kind of doubt it. TH 6AQ5
  7. Buy a set of JJ2A3-40 when they have a sale on AES and be done with it. World class SE tube amplifier builders use this tube so why not you? TH 6AQ5
  8. I am too busy sourcing parts for my next tube amp build to worry about Mr. Cut & Paste Wiki EE or anything he is doing in audio. I don't care. If I post any projects here, it will be on my own thread , on my own terms. Honestly, I have to deal with idiots all day at work . So coming here and jousting with SE neophytes is not worth the energy. Some people will never get it as you know. Good luck with your project . TH 6AQ5
  9. Any goofball can cut and paste electronic theory from a Wiki page, so I am not impressed by people posturing as "EE" asking remedial questions. You seem to have no SE building or listening experience as far as I can tell and none regarding the sort of SE builds presented in this thread or you would know the answers about bypass caps. This exchange is beyond time wasting to me at this point. Believe as you wish, sir. It makes no difference to me. Tube Hawk 6AQ5
  10. $1K would not even pay for the bypass caps in one of Dennis Fraker's Serious Stereo 2A3 mono amplifiers. And you will not find a well crafted SE amplifier with similar build characteristics or subjective performance attributes at such a modest price point on eBay. There are many levels to the audiophile hobby and you seem sort of clueless to that reality. Thanks for sharing and providing me with a good chuckle after a long day at work. Tube Hawk 6AQ5
  11. To be honest, I could go to eBay and buy a Chinese made PP tube amp similar to what has presented here for less than $1K - good enough for home theater or casual listening duties. PP tube amps are what I started out with in this hobby several decades ago with inefficient panel speakers. But after I was exposed to a massive full loaded horn system with SE tube amplifiers on the main drivers - there was no turning back to PP tubes. Actually, even a modestly budgeted low DCR SE amp beats the pants off of 90% of SE and PP amps out there subjectively on high efficiency horns, IMO/IME. The fact that you spent many hours with Dennis Fraker at RMAF listening to his 2A3 amps gives you a massive advantage in knowing what a great SE amp/system should sound like vs. 99% of most audiophiles have experienced. In this thread we can see the benefit of that experience. Tube Hawk 6AQ5
  12. Based on your comments, you don't seem to have much experience listening to SE DHT tube amplifiers or high efficiency horn systems. If PP tubes , Class D modules and inefficient speakers float your boat, you are welcome to them. They are OK for home theater. As I have stated before, I won't waste my time with that sort of gear for audiophile reference listening. I know better. Enjoy your afternoon, sir. Tube Hawk 6AQ5
  13. The zero feedback SE DC amplifiers I am referring to will not satisfy your EE requirements for best measured performance vs. the commercial-grade PP circuits you have built. But subjectively on high efficiency transducers (mainly horn speakers) the SE amplifiers deliver an unrivaled musical experience, IMO/IME. I am fortunate enough to have a serious audiophile contact in my area who has the financial means to rotate very $$$ expensive tube amps and horn speakers in/out of his system on a regular basis. I benefit by hearing the best gear and learning from that experience. Once in a while, a PP tube amp gets rotated in for fun, but won't last very long in one of our listening sessions. The SE amps go back in. As for your comment on the noise floor of SE amplifiers, I have looked at this on an FFT in real time - typically the 60 & 120Hz energy is in the -80dB range below a 1kHz sine fundamental. The noise floor is usually -10db below that. This is mostly using 2A3 finals with AC filaments. If you are getting lots of noise out of a SE amplifier, something is wrong - poor orientation of parts, poor grounding , under filtered PS capacity, bad tubes, etc. Nothing about this is audiophile snobbery. I have listened to many tube amplifiers on great full range horn systems. I know what I want to hear and what sort of gear will deliver that experience. Life is too short for anything less. Tube Hawk 6AQ5
  14. I didn't mean to suggest that there was anything "wrong" with the PP KT66 amplifier. As you suggest, your amplifier sounds just like other similar designs and sounds subjectively good. But is it a "next level" design/build that represents the absolute best of breed? That is what I am looking for in audio. I own a few similar PP 6650's - commercial amplifiers with printed circuit boards used to drive inefficient speakers in a home theatre system. These PP amps sound OK, good enough for watching movies or casual listening while I do some house chores. But compared subjectively to SE DC amplifiers with point to point construction, wired in stranded high purity silver featuring the best OPT's like Tango or Tamura … I can't be bothered with them. A superior level of subjective audiophile performance has to be experienced in the flesh. Once you hear it, there is no going back. Tube Hawk 6AQ5
  15. Mr. EE's PP KT66 is an engineer's amp built for utility and cosmetic appeal with ample reserve power. Certainly fit for intended duties. But can a PP amplifier with circuit boards featuring copper traces, stranded copper hookup wires, electrolytic caps and Hammond OPT's compete subjectively with the very best SE amplifiers like a Serious Stereo 2A3 when driving high efficiency transducers? That is the question. Tube Hawk 6AQ5
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