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    learn , about sound hi-fi, and movies sound..
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    Home theater 7.2.4
    AV Marantz Av 7705 (preamp)
    Monolith 11X 11 channel (amp)
    Bluray 4k Panasonic DP ub820
    Front klipsch RP-280F
    Klipsch Center RP 504C
    Subwoofer klipsch R-115SW
    SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer
    Klipsch Surround Rear RP 600m
    Klipsch Surround side Rp-600m
    Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 140SA front
    Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 500SA back
    Panamax MR4300
    living Room size 13 x 31 (403 sq feet complete) (used front TV is 13 x 12 sq feet tree panel acoustic room back)

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  1. @spencersmb wow the RF 7III and center RC-64 III is my next goal..I have subwoofer 115 sw is amazing ..with this set up you movies..will be espectacular in you room.. denon 4500H is 9.2 channel ..is 125 w is good and emotiva is very powerful..in my opinion only connect L-C-R and connect another's with denon ..or use emotiva for dolby atmos 2 pair only ..this is powerful too..this is it ..to find better way comfortable sound in your room , with all setup you have ..and you have the best right now.. the Rp-402s and Rp-502S are new speaker for dispersion , but no have cabinet for speaker.. so is for more closes possible 2 or 3 feet from you is not the same Rp-600m , more musical, more volumen , more details.. thats I have..now I will change my Rp-402s surround side for Rp-600m and my room is small 13 x 16 ..enjoy ..
  2. angelluisg


    @Madman welcome to forum.. measures your saloon? preamp? o amp using?
  3. @spencersmb wellcome to forum.. wow excellent and awesome room..Rp.502S is for surround is for small rooms, very close to the sofa, where you sit ... is my opinion of everything I have read and researched. for you, it would be more immersive, Rp-600m at the back and the Rp-502S at the sides, the Rp-500SA would be for dolby atmos .. they come with a switch for the use you want to give it .. as surround or as Dolby atmos .. what AVR do you have? How big is your living room? do you have an amplifier These are some questions that I would ask myself ... however your room looks spectacular ... it is just organizing and getting the best out of what you have ...
  4. @Univek this is interesting idea put another subwoofer back..
  5. @Univek that is a question!.? I have another pair Rp- 600m , do you think is more immersive sound experience, surrounds rare and side Rp- 600m ?..thanks
  6. my question is ? change the RP 402S for one pair Rp-600m for surround side? for more immersive experience? or my living room is small for this all set speakers run system 7.2.4 dolby atmos AV Marantz AV 7705 (preamp) Monolith 11X 11 channel (amp) Klipsch Rp-280F (L-R) center Rp-504C Subwoofer klipsch R-115SW SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer Klipsch Surround Rear RP 600m Klipsch Surround side Rp-402S Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 140SA front Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 500SA back living Room size 13 x 31
  7. thanks , conection XLR is Marantz AV 7705 to monolith x11 .. and subwoofer , cable pin XLR you wright , when audyssey sets in 40 hz for me sounds better 60 hz ..thanks always audyssey sets 110 hz ..check picture is surround side manufacturer (klipsch ) said minimum dolby atmos set 150 hz but audyssey sets in 60 hz always..
  8. @inMotionGraphics awesome room..wow!! I have panel acoustics
  9. @Negatron thanks 8 feet correct ..or top speaker..45 grade..
  10. @wvu80 thanks ..connection XLR included dual subwoofer.. Audyssey run and give me L & R 40 HZ center 40 hz surround side (RB-402S) 110 HZ surround back 40hz 4 dolby atmos 60 hz ..speaker are dolby atmos by klipsch both 2 pair ..
  11. @willland is close large wall side left ....
  12. @willland thanks is a lamp from ikea... do you think? curtain is not enough? or more acoustics panes front wall? or down more 4 Dolby atmos speaker?
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