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  1. Not only is Paul Klipsch “somewhere” smiling, I’m pretty sure he’s laughing out loud at this review. “- only the relatively soft-sounding Auditorium 23 speaker cables would do” - bwaah ha ha ha!
  2. It’s not like I actually NEED another set of Klipsch speakers, well, unless it’s Forte, Belle, La Scala, or Klipschorns, but the ending soon “Christmas in July” deal on a pair of R-51M at $124 is just too good to pass up. I have the earlier model B20 Synergy version and hopefully these will be a bit of an improvement.
  3. Extremely elemental, possibly incorrect, inaccurate or in some other way deserving of criticism, step-by-step video guide (for "Dummies" or "Idiot's Guide") to replacing the crossover capacitors in Heresy I speakers. Just putting this out there to document what I did - especially for those people who have never opened up the back of their speakers and wondered what they would be getting into if they did. I'm definitely not highly skilled at soldering but I think I know enough to keep me out of trouble and I'm about 99% sure my solder work will not present a problem in my future. But I have been wrong before. If this video is helpful but not detailed enough and you have more questions please let me know. As with most people here I ordered parts from Bob Crites (critesspeakers.com) and I'm sure whatever else I need for these speakers or any other Klipsch speakers I own (KG4, B20B) I'll go to him for parts and/or advice. YouTube Video: Klipsch Heresy I Speaker Crossover Capacitor Upgrade Ken/LoudTrombone Next planned video: New speaker grill cloth for Heresy I speakers
  4. Being new the forum has limited for the day my “likes” of all your kind comments to my post - so in lieu of that - Thanks for the welcome everyone! All The Best to you all! Ken
  5. Thanks for the kind welcome to all! Mossy bottom, I just stumbled onto this TEAC S-4300SX tape deck almost by accident. I posted on the NextDoor app to my local 7000 population “neighborhood” asking if anyone had a reel to reel deck that I could borrow or possibly buy to use to digitize a few tapes I had of my recitals from college. Long story short, this ended up being one of those rare $50 deals. I also posted a request on the NextDoor for woodworking help to make a few grill blanks for the Heresy speakers and a couple of neighbors with woodworking experience stepped forward to help out. Both also turned out to be Klipsch owners and fans.
  6. Hi CECAA850 - I see from your signature you're in and/or from Southeast Texas - which is where I grew up and went to high school, Little Cypress-Mauriceville in Orange, and first heard Klipsch speakers!
  7. I thought there might be a special section of this forum for new member introductions but a search revealed that the most likely place would be in this section. I'm sure I could lurk here indefinitely gleaning mass quantities of information about Klipsch speakers that I couldn't find anywhere else but I thought I should introduce myself anyway. I've already found quite a lot of information which has helped me figure out how to proceed with some cosmetic repair as well as performance updates to the new/used Heresy I speakers I recently purchased. Attached is a "before" photo of one of these speakers. They'll never be beauty contest winners but I think with some new grill cloth and a bit of cleaning and treatment of the finish they won't look embarrassing. In terms of sound the plan is to update and replace the crossover components too. I'm not a newcomer to Klipsch speakers however. My high school band director in the early 70s introduced us to Klipsch with a pair of corner horns in the band hall. I've been hooked ever since then. He also had taught band in Hope, Arkansas and used to recount stories of working at the plant during the summers and having discussion with Paul Klipsch about music and speaker design. I had always been intrigued by these stories - not all of them about audio necessarily. Both had a great sense of humor. He had a two track reel to reel tape deck (made by Bell) in a custom made wooden carrying box that PWK used to carry with him in his airplane when traveling to do audio demonstrations. He passed that tape deck onto me when I was in college and then sometime later - late 80s or 90s - I made a trip through Hope, stopped at the museum, and donated the machine to the museum. Of particular note about this tape deck was that the "Bell" in Bell Electronics had an extra "e" penciled in to the name making it "Belle". I"m not sure if the museum actually put it on display since I haven't been back since then to find out. The first Klipsch speakers I ever purchased were a set of KG4 that I bought new. It was all I could afford at the time. A few years later and back when I was in a house that had room for bigger speakers I ended up buying a pair of La Scalas (maybe two pair on two different occasions if I remember correctly), selling them, then buying two different pairs of Klipschorns (but not at the same time). The first pair were mismatched from different years and different finishes but the second pair (after I sold those) were matched and wonderful! A series of moves made it impossible to keep them however. After that the KG4s kept me in Klipsch sound until buying these Heresy speakers just a few weeks ago. I've always been intrigued with the design and have a set of technical papers that my former high school band director gave me. One of the things that I believe makes horn loaded speakers, and especially Klipsch because they do it well, so appealing to me is the reduction of intermodulation distortion caused by limiting the amount of diaphragm movement through coupling to a horn. It's strange but I rarely see this mentioned in defense of the design. Efficiency, sensitivity, and controlled directivity is mentioned but the lower distortion, especially from high volume and high level transients, is not talked about so much. I credit that aspect with being one of the reasons that I believe they reproduce brass music (I am a brass player, trombone specifically, as if you couldn't guess from my user name) so well. To me the brass section of orchestras doesn't sound realistic through most other speakers. The brass section my come through loud on other speakers but there's no power behind it. Not only did my band director influence me in my preference for Klipsch speakers, he also contributed to my decision to become a band and orchestra director 40 years ago - and now, after 35+ years of teaching, a professional trombonist. So, here's my latest project. The little Heresies are just about the perfect size for my small office/practice room. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's interest and experience with their Klipsch speakers and learning more about these great speakers! Ken
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