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  1. No R2R experience whatsoever. Just putting this out there: https://store.acousticsounds.com/index.cfm?get=results&saleid=515&banner_id=317
  2. Just saw this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/224424049020?hash=item3440b7397c:g:7g4AAOSwmBhaB4UW I have no experience w/ the tool, only a positive one with the seller.
  3. amped

    Carbon Steel Pan

    Mine is the 10 1/4" Matfer Bourgeat and the video mentions it's interesting seasoning instructions. The OP knows his way around cast iron so seasoning shouldn't be an issue. I followed the manufacturers instructions. I use mine for all the non baking things you'd do with cast iron. It weighs about 2/3 as much as cast iron. I like mine. I got this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000KEJQJ2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 based on this:
  4. No experience w/ the brand however I saw this thread from 2014 on another forum I frequent. Don't know anything more and things may have possibly changed... I hope. https://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com/t2097-sophia-electric-virginia-usa-yeah-sure?highlight=sophia
  5. My VTA ST120 kit- Pictured w/ TS 6550's and 5AR4. Now running KT120's, S/S rectifier w/ Autobias, Clear top RCA 12AU7's on the outsides w/ Brimar ECC 82 in the middle.
  6. What did Bob and Roy have to say about this? There must be some kind of support as it was built for you. Have you searched on their forum: https://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com I built mine from a kit. Bob was super helpful and very responsive. I never had an issue with my TungSol 5AR4. I never installed the 5AR4 that came with the kit. I'm keeping it for a spare. After about a year and a half, I had the auto bias board installed. I then switched over to a Weber WS-1t s/s because of the built in delay. All's fine here. Hope you get it sorted out as it's a great sounding amp.
  7. http://www.tubes4hifi.com/ST70.htm has a TDR board that may be helpful. You might have a look here: https://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com From what I understand the S/S rectifier uses 17 volts less because it doesn't need heater current. I use a Weber WS-1t in my Bob Latino VTA ST-120. Prior to this I was using a Re-issue TungSol 5AR4 with no problems (about 1 1/2 yrs) I got an auto bias board and this also has a delay so I got the S/S. I don't hear a difference. Both Kevin and Bob L are good guys to deal with in my experiences.
  8. Any luck? My ST-120 has the auto-bias board and a Weber WS-1t (optional thermistor). It's working fine but I had a tough time with the AB install. All fine now. The KT-120's bias 0.49, RCA 5963's on the outsides and a Brimar CV4003 in the middle. I'm also on a variac at 117v. Pavel was very helpful as was Holger at Erhard Audio. Prior to the AB and Weber, I used a TungSol 5AR4 and never had a problem. Amp and variac once blew a fuse but I don't recall why. Have you done the "yellow sheet mod"? It's on the Dynaco forum.
  9. You might try Holger at https://www.erhard-audio.com He's the man in the US and he helped me out a lot with this. Pavel in the Czech Republic designed and makes the board. He is helpful but English isn't his first language. There's also a time delay depending on where you are but, he is responsive. https://www.audioamp.eu/en-detail-901899168-modules-for-to-optimize-bias-with-an-supply-of-bias-ab-q-st70-st120.html Hope you get it sorted out. The ST120 is a fine sounding amp.
  10. dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com
  11. Here's the manual that came with the board. http://www.***.cz/files/AB-Q_ST-70_ST120_manual.pdf Once it's set to the desired bias voltage by the installer, there's no real hands on. Make sure they know what tubes you're using and clear it (voltage) with Bob. I was still checking my bias for a bit after installing but all 4 tubes were always the same (as designed). Hope this helps. Bob was/ is a pleasure to deal with as well.
  12. I agree about the install- do it all at once.
  13. Bob is right about the AB. I got it and had issues getting it installed. Everything was great prior to adding this. I got the PIO caps and the attenuator these are positives. I’m using KT120s, a center Brimar CV4003 and Bob's NOS RCA 5963’s on the outside. Amp sounds great and bias was always very close when I checked it monthly. It’s now spot on w/ the AB but that complicated it. The AB does have a delay so I got a Weber WS-1t s/s rectifier. All in all, it’s a great sounding amp.
  14. I have a Latino VTA ST120. It sounds great and sound characteristics can be tweaked a bit by tube rolling. I don't have Khorns BTW. You could search or pose the question on that forum: http://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com
  15. I have no experience with any Curcio stuff but this might be helpful... http://dynaco-doctor.net/sup_3.htm
  16. I second that. This is mine (not red plating BTW)
  17. I don't have F3's but do have a Bob Latino amp (ST120) and it sounds wonderful!
  18. I did say I'd listen to them first. The terminal cups read 1989 so I'm just trying to know what's out there. IF I don't love what I hear, I can make an informed decision and it won't happen right away. It's just homework. AVGUYTX, Nope
  19. Hey 314, what mods did you do to your C2's? Just curious as I got a pair a few months ago. I have to get them to NY before I can listen and see what needs doing. I saw your SET12 mention but can't find anything beside the Audiogon posts. I don't think I can spend $$$ but maybe if I got some background I'd get pointed in the right direction. BTW, I recapped my RB5's via Crites.
  20. Maybe I'll look for the 5814 down the road. The Brimar makes me very happy. KT120's have tight clearance w/ the Dynaco cage. Until I have my Chorus 2's up and running I'm holding off on more tubes. Update- I did end up getting KT120's after someone confirmed cage clearance at Bob's dynaco forum. They sound great. I only have 3-4 hours on them so can't really judge but off the bat, they sound fuller than the TS 6550's. Definitely more on the bottom as well.
  21. Not saying this is the only seller but, I got mine here: https://www.upscaleaudio.com/collections/preamp-tubes/products/brimar-cv4003-12au7
  22. I see Bob L. says the 12bh7's have higher gain and they can be used. Have to look into why they should be. Not in much of a hurry to roll at the moment. Also tried "Hungarian" Amperex in the pre's. To me, no difference from the Sylvania's. Tried clear top D-getter RCA's sounded a bit too bright- so went back to the Sylvania's... Yeah, that Brimar- WOW. Supposed to be better especially in the highs than Mullard.
  23. Power: TungSol 6550 reissues. (also got a good deal on a quad of KT88EH's- but I haven't tried those yet) Center: (phase splitter?) Brimar NOS CV4003 /12AU7) Outers: Sylvania 6189 /12AU7 NOS New- Just doing the AutoBias mod so will use a Weber WS1-t s/s rectifier that replaces the TS 5AR4
  24. Thanks! The instructions were great and all parts were separate and labeled and Bob was great on the phone. Also good pix of great examples on the web. http://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com I know of at least one in the Chicago area and his was connected to K-horns. I'm sure if you asked around at the above, you may find some one close.
  25. After 50+ years of listening to recorded music, I got a tube amp in February 2018. I had inherited a Thorens TT and some RB-5's and that was all it took. I started doing homework on a tube amp. I ended up getting a VTA ST-120 kit (you can get them turnkey as well). tubes4hifi.com is the seller. Bob Latino the kit builder has had a presence on the klipsch forum. Roy his partner designed the circuit over 30 years ago. It's based on the Dynaco ST70. The new versions have upgraded components. Bob is very responsive and generous with help before, during, and after. Roy is pretty helpful as well. They also have a forum with tons of info. After not doing any soldering for 25 years, the amp took me about 35-40 hours to build. I took my time and had no real issues- I was antsy and took a week before I plugged it in and turned it on. After doing so, I was bummed that I could've been listening to it. It sounds quite different to the Yamaha AVR it replaces. It's darker, faster, and more up front. Glad I did it! Bias takes all of 3 minutes every couple of months with a multimeter and a flat blade screwdriver. Bob says not to make a huge deal of worrying about it either. I'm having autibias put on it now as I want to keep the tube cage secured (kids and other animals) but otherwise, I'd have left it alone. Tubes aren't a worry either as they're very available. I will have it playing through a pair of Chorus 2's before the end of summer. Just have to pick them up... I hope this doesn't sound too much like an ad. It's not meant to. The amp sounds great and it wasn't difficult to build (if you consider that route). I'm just a thrilled customer. Good luck!
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