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  1. I made these with: Belden 5T00P 10awg (from BlueJeans Cable), the BFA's from Compass Audio (MicroMara linked), gold plated copper spades from HiFi Collective. I wanted soldered connections w/ gold over copper. Most are over brass. The blue heat shrink is so I know my left from my right behind the amp.
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    Car Thread

    that hoss-fly would come in handy about now- like a heated massage chair with a steering wheel
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    Car Thread

    A buddy of mine sent me the pic. Personally I think it's some quick and dirty photoshop looking at the carbs and squashed k&n filters. Of course, if one put their mind to it..?
  4. Here's the "schpeel" from Bklyn... https://brooklynsolarworks.com/cost-of-solar-panels-in-nyc/
  5. Most of you know most of this but good that it's getting out there...
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    Aircraft Jobs PSA

    These have motors-https://www.tata.com/business/jlr
  7. For what it's worth, I will be going through my Chorus 2's soon and got in touch with Klipsch. Nick was very helpful. I sent some requested pics and he got the ok from the Heritage Dept and Andrea had some new gaskets sent to me within about 5 days. They didn't have everything but sent what they had for my 1994 speakers. I thought I was very well taken care of.
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    Car Thread

    Best of both worlds-
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    Car Thread

    Mine was identical to the one in the pic (not mine) when I bought it. Of course, I shortened the turn signal stalks, got lower bars, chambers, k&n's, big coils, etc, and ported and polished the jugs in my high school marine mechanics class. My bud's blue RD had DG pipes and the gold finned heads. Alas, I broke an ankle in a crash and eventually sold it to a friend. My friend w/ the Daytonas had a GS1100 that he raced. I was part of the pit crew in the early 80's. I once rode it on the track at Daytona between races. He raced it there, Moroso in WPB, Texas World, and Road Atlanta. This was when Kevin Schwantz was a young teenager also competing. In high school, one of the older guys had a Honda CBX but due to quaaludes, his gas tank only held about a liter of fuel. You couldn't tell from the great bodywork though... In jr high, I had a Honda trail 70. The kid down the street had a mustard brown Husky 125 and a red KTM 250 powered Rickman. That was cool- the frame was nickel plated. We'd go riding in the mud. The kid across the street had a Benelli Sei and a blue L88 '69 corvette- his dad was a plumber. Those were the days...
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    Car Thread

    I had a white w/ orange stripe RD250 in high school in FL in the late 70's. It had a front disc brake. My best friend had a blue RD400. Another best bud later got a white Kenny Roberts RZ and now has a yellow one. Miss those days...
  11. Hope this doesn't add any concerns but, What's your wall current? It's probably higher than when the amps were made. I use a variac to lower my 119-124 wall current to 117vac. My amp is a VTA ST120 (Dynaco ST 70 improved). Mine is OK up to 120vac but the newer ones are good to about 125. Obviously, your situation may be different but you may want to check...
  12. Have you seen this..? I have no personal experience, btw
  13. I have not been in my c2's but got this image from somewhere on this forum. Hope it helps...
  14. Apparently, there's no schematic for the RB-5 I got this one from Crites when I re-capped my crossovers. BTW, I just replaced like values w/ like values so it didn't help in MY situation. If it's not supposed to be here, Moderators, please take it down. Klipsch RB-5 Crossover Schematic.pdf
  15. Here it is. Yes, 3 caps per board- values listed in the pics on pg 2 on the receipt. 2 Sonicaps, 1 Erse. Klipsch RB-5 Crossover Schematic.pdf
  16. https://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/episode-1367-adrian-belew
  17. bet they do a sweet version of Ah-Ha's "Take on me..."
  18. Maybe this will be helpful. I had mine shipped a few months ago:
  19. The PCB in my VTA ST120 is fiberglass with fully tinned thru-holes. All components were in spec (confirmed by me). Instructions were thorough and understandable to someone who hadn't soldered in 20 years. Once populated it cleaned up with 99% isopropyl. I've since had to use flux remover on more recent projects from other vendors. The support from Roy and Bob Latino (now retired) were above and beyond. It was a great project that didn't smoke on startup and sounds fantastic. They also have a helpful forum. What is the "nightmare" you refer to? From what I've read, the Dynaco /Radian ST70 (v3) uses a full PCB with no hardwiring. The chassis is bigger but they didn't take advantage of the additional room. This one wasn't a clone. As this is a thread on beginner tube amp projects, please share your helpful, firsthand experience and the PCB clone you worked with. Respectfully, N
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    How I wish your handle was "Eastcoastdrums" I just got my Chorus 2's shipped to me a month ago after buying them in 2019. GLWS
  21. Didn't mean to start another who's parts are best fight. Maybe this should be in another thread? I reiterate, my new to me C2's are from 1994. I have read that the magnetic ferro fluid can dry up over time. I have not been inside my speakers nor does it look like anyone else has. Assuming all parts in my Chorus 2's are stock, is there a benefit to cleaning and adding fluid back into the K79k's? AFIK, the diaphragms are stock, not Crites or JEM. If you've done this, please post your findings. Thank you
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