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  1. Yes. The octal sockets on the front of the chassis were used back in the day to interface the amp with a Dynaco pre-amp. One of the pins on those sockets is marked to be used for bias setting. You insert a voltmeter probe into that pin of the socket and ground the meter to the chassis. The voltmeter will read the bias voltage. Stock ST-70s had bias setting potentiometers mounted in the chassis just in front of the power transformer. Since this one has the VTA ST-70 driver board (designed by Bob Latino), the bias pots are moved to the driver board (the four yellow-tan squares on the driver board).
  2. The original Dynaco ST70 was sold with a perforated sheet metal cage that covered the transformers, tubes, and the driver board. It's not unusual for folks to run these amps without the cage because it looks cool, I guess. The kits that Bob Latino sells do not include the cage, but you can get them from other Dynaco parts suppliers. Edited to add link to replacement cage on the dynakitparts.com website: https://www.dynakitparts.com/shop/dynakit-st-70-cover/
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