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    My niece’s best friend was there on that fateful day.
  2. I would prefer to keep my Moondogs. I am not an Electrical Engineer and not even a technician. I don't know how do handle a solder. But I know good tube sound when I hear one. Now what if I can find the Moondog cabinets and have you build me a pair with what highlighted (in bold) in your quote plus MagneQuest OPTs? The completed Moondogs will be paid for however long it take and no question asked. I would rather have you build them for me or no one else. In my opinion, I don't think anyone can build them like you can!
  3. They are working just fine and are almost completely silent. erik2A3, I know the Moondogs had been around for over two decades. Is there any way to make a brand new pair and perhaps improve on the circuitry?
  4. Your Moondogs is really clean, erik2A3! I am really envious of your skills.
  5. I’d like to buy both pairs for a friend. Please PM me for shipping fees. Thanks.
  6. I can’t even begin to describe the level of dedication that erik2A3 had. Such a remarkable feat!
  7. It’s really simple to put the money where your mouth is.
  8. 50% is not superior! Jeff statement is very subjective.
  9. Would you like to do a double blinded speakers test using spade terminals vs banana plugs speaker wires?
  10. I beg to differ but in my opinion, spade terminals are not superior to banana plugs! I have known to trip over the my speaker wires with such force that the spade terminals either ripped right off the wires or damaged the terminal block on my speakers. With banana plugs, my speaker wires just pop right off the speakers and I just plug them right back. I have always use banana plugs forever and no wires have ever been damage from their usage. Any wires attach semi-permanent to speakers are prone to damage when being tripped over.
  11. @NOS Valves I like your yellow button! Very nice!
  12. The 1812 Overtune Vinyl Telarc version is impressive, indeed! At 75% reference volume, I almost jumped off the sofa as the first canon was playing.
  13. Very sorry for your lost, mr clean! We'll keep you guys in our prayers.
  14. I got this little phono preamp at a local church thrift store a couple weeks ago for $25. It seemed to be new. I have not have a chance to hook it up. I have read about this phono preamp online. Some of the reviews are pretty positive. Have anyone here personally listen to this phono preamp? Can anyone give me an impression?
  15. Very nice home theatre systems!
  16. erik2A3, there is absolutely no misunderstanding on your part and I understand it perfectly. I have to say that after having read many of your posts, I would say that you are an extremely knowledgable person when deal with with these type of amps. I have a lot of respect for you and when you say something, I listen carefully. Your explanation of these resistors in my Moondogs and what need to be done are very clear and I understand it well. Thanks again for taking your time to explain the issue to me.
  17. Thanks, erik2A3. As you know I am not good with a solder, I will talk to my technician to see when I can send them back for him to make the modification.
  18. Just because I said "The moon landing was a fictional work!", I am being stupid? I see your logic. Dictionary stu·pid adjective 1. having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. synonyms: unintelligent, ignorant, dense, brainless, mindless, foolish, dull-witted, dull, slow-witted, witless, slow, simpleminded, empty-headed, vacuous, vapid, halfwitted, idiotic, moronic, imbecile, obtuse, doltish...
  19. Belief is not necessary religion. However, this entire universe does not exist by itself!
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