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  1. Seems like the inner workings haven't been changed much... The subs do sound great when they are working, but if they have to be repaired all the time...
  2. I have two SPL150 Subwoofers in my HT. One of them suddenly died, taking the electricity bin the entire room with it, but not blowing it's own fuse. The place where I bought it (I've only had it for 3 weeks) will send me a new amp, so that I don't have to ship the massive box to them. In preparation I removed the broken amp from mine and was rather shocked when I saw that it has R115SW written all over it, and only has 150 written in once place, with felt tip... Is this normal?
  3. I run my RP600M Speakers with a Yamaha RX-A3080 and they don't sound sharp or harsh with the EQ set to Natural. I had a pair of Elacs before, and they are not known for being harsh, and the Klipsch don't sound any worse in that regard. I guess it comes down to the combination of Speakers, Room and Electronics...
  4. @wvu80 Btw...where do you point your Speakers, toe-in wise...right at the MLP, more wide (my elacs where best pointed at a position 1m behind my MLP) or something else entirely?
  5. Btw...does anyone here actually own the RP402s? I am still not sure whether they are suitable as Side Surrounds in my Setup...
  6. Quick report from my end... The 600C seems fine to me, very clear and rich sound. Strangely my AVR measures it too loudly, but that likely has nothing to do with the Speaker. I think I will keep the Klipsch Speakers and add the Side Surrounds once some money has regrown on my account...🤪 Btw...thanks for the tip on where to buy, but I'm in Germany, so that dealer isn't really an option...
  7. Haven't done much testing yet, but I have set the Speakers up now. No harsh highs to be found so far...
  8. Thanks for the replies! I have ordered the RP600M and 600C and will try them out. I already have the RP400 as Back Surrounds and they work quite well. To be honest, I'm a bit woried about the supposedly harsh high end the Klipsch are meant to have, especially compared toy Elac UB5, but I guess my Yamaha RX-A3080 will take care of that anyway. I look forward to testing out the RP series and will report back on my findings. I have postponed the Side Surrounds for now (leaving my old Nuberts there until I have decided whether I will go Klipsch for the front).
  9. I have a different approach...since you are using a Denon with DynEQ on, your Surrounds will be boosted by the DynEQ. Lowering them a bit might help with that. Apart from trying that, there is an easy way to see whether your Speakers just have a fatiguing sound. Of you can, order a pair of Elac UniFi UB5 and use them as Mains. You should be able to order them and send them back if you don't like them. They are pretty much the least fatiguing Speakers I know. If your problem goes away with those, then it's the Speakers. I am currently trying the other way, ordered some Klipsch RP Speakers to replace my Elacs because I want more dynamics and efficiency. Once they arrive I will see whether they are OK for me,since I also have sensitive ears...
  10. Hi everyone, In my small cellar HT, I currently have a 7.2.4 Atmos System with Elac and Nubert Speakers. Right now I am Considering moving over to Klipsch. I got the RP 400M today and will test them as Surround Rear, and I I like them I will exchange the other Speakers for Klipsch as well. Now, since my room is pretty narrow (295cmX530cmX215cm (W/D/H)) I was thinking about using the RP 402S as Side Surrounds with Monopoles at the front and back... Is this recommended? Also, what is the main difference between the wider and the smaller center channels? My current Elac has one tweeter and two woofers (ok, and the concentric midrange thingy) and is fine. What are the Klipsch with 4 woofers good for?
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