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    1)La Scala's (ALK Universal Crossovers, B&C DE-120 tweeters, and Fastlane audio fastrac horns)
    Marantz 2325
    Vinyl Nirvana Thorens TD-160 super (Shure V15 iii, SME 3009 series ii)
    2)klf 20’s
    Marantz nr1403
    Technics 1200 m3d (Ortofon Quintet Black)
    Klipsch 120-SW
    Mobile Fidelity Ultraphono
    3) KPT-904's
    Primaluna prologue premium preamp
    Primaluna prologue five
    Vinyl Nirvana Thorens TD-125 (Jelco 850s mk ii AT Art9Xi)
    Lounge Audio LCR MKIII and Copla Step-Up
    SVS PB12-ISD

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  1. Are you still offering this? If so could you pm me? Thanks!
  2. If you were interested in some minty CW ii’s with upgrades, I have some in your budget. I’m local, too. Doubtful (since you specifically said la Scala’s), but thought I’d throw it out there.
  3. Thanks for your interest. I actually decided to keep then center and forgot to update the status of the post.
  4. Nessem4

    ISO KLF 30's

    Absolutely. I'm going to throw one out to them. These also have the center and surrounds included so I wouldn't mind paying a bit more.
  5. Nessem4

    ISO KLF 30's

    Sorry I neglected to mention budget...preferably no more than $1200 depending on condition.
  6. Nessem4

    ISO KLF 30's

    Not picky at all on finish. Just found the ad you referenced. Nothing a little TLC can't fix. Thanks for the lead! Very much appreciated. I'll reach out.
  7. Nessem4

    ISO KLF 30's

    Thanks for you reply! Just southeast of Atlanta in Peachtree City. Condition: does not have to be perfect, but preferably not beat to hell either. I'm also not picky on stock or modified.
  8. Nessem4

    ISO KLF 30's

    I should mention that I'm in Georgia, but am willing to travel.
  9. Nessem4

    ISO KLF 30's

    In search of a pair of KLF 30's in the southeast. I have items that I could trade or just buy outright. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  10. Apologies, I'm just now seeing this. Really I'm looking for a "musical" subwoofer to pair with my La Scala's. That said, I'm open to other trades as well. Do you have anything in particular that you are looking to unload?
  11. For sale or trade. KLF C-7. It's the mahogany variant. I'd very much prefer a local sale due to the size, weight, and fear of damage in transit (zip is 30269), but I'm open to shipping at the buyer's expense. If shipped, I'll take my time to make sure it's package correctly and insure it, but it still makes me nervous not knowing how it's handled in transit. There are some cosmetic blemishes as shown in the photos. They don't stick out too bad if they're not under a fluorescent light, but certainly worth mentioning/showing to an interested party. Functions flawlessly and is all original. I'm looking to get $300. I'm open to trades as well. Let me know what you have. Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!
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