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  1. I'm having a tough time determining what would be an ideal minimum input voltage into the phono stage of the Marantz 7 preamp. I have heard from others that modern cartridges don't produce enough voltage (<5mV typically) to sound great with the phono stage of this preamp. Others have said to me one needs to use cartridges with output voltages around 9.5mV or greater. Next week I'm going to test the system out with an Ortofon 2M Blue cart (5mV) and I guess I will go from there. Trying to find some actual specifications or data that may provide some more clear direction to me regarding the ideal input requirements for phono stage of the Marantz 7. Thanks in advance for your help. Bharat
  2. Good day, CN03277 and CN03279 are serial numbers of two MC 75 monoblocks I am considering purchasing. Is it preferable sonically to find two that are sequential? Does anyone know how I may go about estimating the year when they were produced based on the serial number? Thanks, Bharat
  3. Funny! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Anyone know what’s happening to production of the Heritage line during these unprecedented times? I paid up and ordered brand new La Scalas and was advised that none were in stock and they needed to be manufactured. Just wondering if the factory is up and running or if they are shut down for foreseeable future..
  5. Thank you Maynard. Will give it a read in detail. Appreciate the info
  6. I have the opportunity to buy this Marantz 7 to pair with my existing Marantz 8 that I will play via my Forte II. Down the road my plan is to upgrade to La Scalas. Thoughts on the condition of this example? Should I pull the trigger? Price seems comparable to the going rate for this model. Thanks in advance, Bharat
  7. OP can I ask why the choice of MC275 to bi-amp and why not MC 75 monoblocks instead? Bharat
  8. Thank you. Could you elaborate a bit more? what does the 6" refer to?
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