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  1. Thank you sir for the super helpful information regarding the amp. I am located in Portland, Maine and would welcome some recommendations for competent technician who maybe located relatively nearby. Thanks in advance. Bharat
  2. Thank you for the insight Maynard. May I ask for a bit more specifics on this? Do you mean that capacitors and diodes are old and therefore need replacement? Or do you mean that someone may have replaced them with incorrect / not ideal ones and I should try to restore back to as close to original state as possible? Thanks in advance for your help. Bharat
  3. Some photos so you can get a visual
  4. I have a pair of Forte II paired with a Marantz 2325 and absolutely love the sound! I have been thinking about diving into the world of tube amps for a while now and finally bit the bullet and picked up a Marantz 8 from 1959 and it seems to be in great condition (I will know for certain next week when it is in my hands). My question to the group is whether or not my Forte II would be a good speaker match to stand up to the Marantz 8 and fully obtain that warm amazing tube sound that all of you talk about so much? I plan to use my 2325 as a pre-amp until I can afford a tube pre-amp. Look forward to hearing from the group. I will post some photos later tonight. Bharat
  5. Congratulations - they look beautiful. Hope they sound amazing!
  6. Thank you kindly! Appreciate the clarification.
  7. I made her sit down and listen to Fleetwood Mac, oh boy did she love that or what! I should have her convinced pretty soon!
  8. I looked through the technical manual but couldn't find mention of cat compatibility!
  9. Most definitely! Seems like a great bunch! Enablers of each others audio vices! Love it.
  10. Wow! Thanks WillyBob. I envision spending a lot more time at my local Hi-Fi store and also scouring the interwebs for equipment!
  11. haha! Why do I have a feeling I am going down the same path as you?!
  12. Actually not the case. I was prepared to shell out the extra $$ for the Forte III, but I actually preferred the sound from these II that I ended up going with. I paid $1800 (i know this seems high) for the Forte II, the new III were running around $3800ish I believe, so approximately $2000 more.
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