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  1. I found my message so i will try these suggestions to see if it works. Thanks!
  2. I have been trying to find my message I sent on there and I can't find it. The forum says they are not taking any more messages at this time so I thought it did not go through. Thanks for letting me know it went through!
  3. No, I did not try that. I will give it a shot! Thanks
  4. I just hooked up my new Yamaha rx-a3070 with the new Sony x800m2 Blue Ray Player. When I try to play a dvd, it will play for a few minutes then gives me a "Cable box has no signal" message. I tried hooking my old blue ray player on and it gives me a weird picture color and no sound. I tired hooking the Sony player straight to my TV with a small 4k hdmi cable and it works fine. I am using 40 feet hdmi cables from my Audio closet to my TV which I did not think would be a problem. Do I need a 4k Extender to solve this issue or is there a setting in the reciever or Sony blue ray Player that needs to be set? I did a system update on my reciever but that did not solve the problem. The Xfinity cable box channels work fine. I also changed out hdmi cables to see if I had a bad hdmi cable and that did not work either. Any suggestions or have anyone had this problem? Thanks
  5. I just recently purchased the Klipsch rp600c Center Channel. I sits fine on my fire place mantel. The speaker will have about a half an inch to an inch of distance from the wall to rear. My mantel is 10 inches in depth and the speaker is 12 inch in depth. I was thinking this should give it enough space for the port but was not sure. I could not find anything from Klipsch saying a particular distance it had to be but wanted to be for sure. The port on this speaker is flared out so that should help also. Any suggestions?
  6. Good point, I will make the overlay work. I can even raise the back part some with the bracket to aim it more at the center sitting position. The mantel is about 5 1/2 feet tall so it is fairly high anyway. Thanks!
  7. Ok thanks! Klipsch does not give any spec on the distance the port has to be away from the wall so I am assuming that is a good thing.
  8. I was thinking the 600c would be my better option. I guess I could get use to the 2 inch overlay on my mantel. It will be a tight fit but will work. Thanks for the input!
  9. Hello! I have a center channel question, I just recently ordered 2 Klipsch rp 8000fs, 1 Klipsch spl 150sw, and 4 klipsch CDT 5800-CII ceiling Speakers. I need a good center channel to match this setup. I only have two options due to my fire place mantel is only 10 inches in death. The Klipsch 500c will fit perfectly and the 600c will be sitting about 2 inches over the mantel. If the sound quality is not that big of difference the the 500c will be ok. I have a large room 25 × 18. Which one should I get?
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