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  1. You guys actually answered a question I was wondering about but had not asked r.e. the pads for the feet, I was assuming that felt strips, or something like that, would work. Yes, I was asking about the acoustics with wood floors, I do have a big area rug on the floor, so I guess that should help. I wish there was a way to try them out first, somehow, but I can't even find a place in Blacksburg to listen to them in a store, let alone try them out in the house. I did try the Crutchfield tool, but I don't really have one of their specified headphones (I have gaming headphones (Steelseries) which were not on their list, so not sure how useful it really was).
  2. Wives aside, does anyone have an answer to the question I asked about wood floors and Klipsch RP-8000 speakers?
  3. So, I have an additional question. I have pretty much decided to wait on a sale for the RP-8000f speakers (I'm not in a hurry) and I was chatting with a guy at Crutchfield today about receivers (I am thinking of upgrading my Onkyo TX-8050 to one of the newer Onkyo Stereo receivers (e.g. TX-8270 or TX-8260) and he asked my why I had decide on Klipsch speakers. He then asked me about the room where I'd be using them (large living room, about 20 x 25 with hardwood floors and vaulted ceiling, opens to an adjacent dining room). I also have a rug in that room (maybe 7 x 9). After hearing that, he told me that he thought the Klipsch speakers would be way too "bright" and that something like these Wharfedale Revas would work better with the hardwood floors. I've done a ton of research on these speakers and my impression is that, although prior generations of Klipsch speakers were "bright", the current Reference Premier line is much less so, especially the RP-8000f. Tharbamar has some great reviews on You Tube, e.g. this one, and he talks about that very point. Is the Crutchfield guy right?
  4. I don't know what "the recording is Audiophile quality" means, nor am I qualified to answer that, but Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon gets my vote.
  5. Yeah, I'm a 3, but even that depends on one's definition of "pride of place"!
  6. @glens Well, I realize it is less than perfect that way, but that is where my Vegas are and they actually sound pretty good, so I think this should sound at least as good, better I assume since these are better speakers. I recently took an "are you an Audiophile" test, and I only got 3 or 4, so I will confess I am probably not as discerning as some ... Getting a thumbs up from my wife is more important to me actually being able to get them than having them positioned perfectly (but resulting in non wife pleasing aesthetics) since they are going in "her" living room.
  7. I ran a dry run as part of the "wife's approval" step (these are simulated RP-8000f speakers): It passed!
  8. I like the other explanation better, the one involving my wife! ("Everything else is where your wife sits")
  9. The RP-280fs look fine and I have seen reviews on Youtube where they compared them to the 8000s favorably (one guy like them better actually), but it seems they only come in Black? My wife views these things as furniture and I know that she'd prefer Walnut. Also, I'm not sure my local Audiotronics shop (I'm trying to get them local, if possible, because I like to support local merchants and the support is easier that way) can get them, I'd have to check that. Do the Reference Premier models ever go on sale? I saw a good price on the RF-280 recently (like $324), but I decided I was better off with the RPs after reading some and comparing them.
  10. Thanks for all the input. It had not occurred to me that the Sub would need to be adjusted independently to "blend" properly with the two floor speakers. I have read something somewhere about the setting for Crossover needing to be set for that as well (where is that set, anyway? On the sub?). That does argue for getting the two larger speakers vs the smaller ones and a sub. As to those suggesting Heritage or pro series, you are probably starting to get out of the price range I had in mind (I'm waiting for the RP-8000f or RP-6000f and a sub to go on sale as I already think they cost too much. Sounds like another option is the RP-280, but is really "pretty much the same"? The RP-8000 has no improvements? I have some people telling me that Polk is really better for "music" (vs home theatre) and I watched a YouTube video where the guy made the same point. I realize I might be treading into "religious war" terrain, but any opinions on that?
  11. Thanks guys, I have been poking around on Crutchfield and have chatted with a couple of people there, so that's good advice. Any thoughts on my other question about two RP-8000f speakers vs two RP-6000f speakers with a subwoofer? My thinking was that the highs would be similar with main difference being the subwoofer for base vs the 8" Woofers in the towers, but, reading the forums, I am thinking that maybe my thinking about the highs being similar might be wrong? The Crutchfield person seemed to like the idea of the 6000f's with the subwoofer (he said "more soundstage"), but I always value the opinion of real users over sales people, if I can get that
  12. Hi - first post here! I've got an Onkyo TX-8050 receiver with a couple of Cerwin Vega VS 100 speakers in my living room which we use just for music (Rock and Pop mainly). I have been thinking about upgrading the speakers (disintegrating foam) and, even though I refoamed them this weekend, which came out well, I am still thinking about upgrading them. I have the impression, based on reading reviews and forums, that a nice set of Klipsch speakers should sound a lot better, given that I am past the days where I am blasting out music at a high volume. I have seen a lot of opinions on both sides as to whether or not Klipsch is really a good choice for what I have in mind (home audio vs home theatre), so curious about people running the way I intend to. I'm also wondering whether I am better off, for similar $$, with a couple of RP 8000f speakers, or a pair of RP 6000f speakers with a subwoofer (something like the R-112SW). I don't really have a way to listen to the Klipsch speakers to compare to my own, or to compare the combinations I am mentioning, our Best Buy does not have the RP's in stock at all and they don't have any set up to hear, so any advice is welcome!
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