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  1. "dings on the cones" is a concern but if it's just cosmetic then this is an amazing deal. If he were within 1,000 miles I'd go get them.
  2. I need to move a pair of MCM 1900's from Salt Lake City to central Florida. The bass bins are 68.5 wide x 45 deep x 33 tall each, this comes with 4 bass bins at about 250 each. so about 1000 lbs just for the bass bins. the msn and mssn speakers are 37 wide 36.5 deep 15 tall each. 4 speakers at about 75 lbs each...300lbs. top tweeter is 15 tall 7.5 deep x7.5 wide maybe 5 lbs. crossover is 19 wide 12 deep 5.5 tall I talked to Dominion trucking , they said they would not take them stretched wrapped to a pallet. I have two 6ft pallets that would work for the bass bins but i don't think the trucking company would take them stacked loose. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. So...I won these. And I'm pumped about that! But I have no idea how to get them 2,500 miles to central Florida. Any thoughts???
  4. Post a link please.
  5. Pretty much. A quick Google search shows MSRP was $1,800 and sales were around $1,200.
  6. A $400 pair of KLF-20's can be a good value. You can make the same argument for a $600 pair of KLF-30's. But I have a hard time justifying $750 for these. $1,500 is madness. $1,500 will buy you an early set of RF7's. A bit more will get you RF7 III's.
  7. KwintSommer

    Dhl did it

    I will always remember the time DHL broke my paintball mask. Like, it's something designed explicitly to withstand impacts, and they impacted it to death.
  8. Very good condition except for the cosmetic and functional damage. So...not so good then.
  9. These have been listed for at least 18 months. He originally had them listed for what those KHorns would have gone for new, so he's made a fair bit of progress. At this rate he'll be down to a reasonable price in a year or so.
  10. Beat up fixer uppers for $600 seems like a terrible deal and that's before taking a long drive. I got a tastefully upgraded cosmetically excellent set last year for $900. What am I missing?
  11. Just got a distressed pair of Klipschorns and one has a bad K-33-P woofer. So I either need one direct replacement or an upgraded pair. Any input is appreciated.
  12. Forgive my ignorance but what is needed to drive these? I can't just wire up my amp, can I? I vaguely recall them needing a DSP???
  13. If they cut the price in half...they'll still be overpriced.
  14. $100/LaScala That's the deal of the decade. I wonder which reseller got it?
  15. KwintSommer

    CL: sold

    This posting has been deleted by its author. How much were they asking for them?
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