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  1. Just got a distressed pair of Klipschorns and one has a bad K-33-P woofer. So I either need one direct replacement or an upgraded pair. Any input is appreciated.
  2. Forgive my ignorance but what is needed to drive these? I can't just wire up my amp, can I? I vaguely recall them needing a DSP???
  3. If they cut the price in half...they'll still be overpriced.
  4. $100/LaScala That's the deal of the decade. I wonder which reseller got it?
  5. KwintSommer

    CL: sold

    This posting has been deleted by its author. How much were they asking for them?
  6. What should I audition on it? I've tested a few sets of stereo speakers but never a center.
  7. I might get that center channel. Any advice?
  8. Since they're sold I feel comfortable saying that I offered $200 and he countered immediately at $250. I left it there but I'm pretty sure I could have gotten these for $230 or less. I wonder what they ultimately sold for.
  9. The photo is dated nine years ago. Anyways, I emailed and got this response: "They are sold, thanks"
  10. What is your location? The eBay add says "untouched" crossovers. Are those really 45 year old capacitors?
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