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  1. Thanks Glenn for the nice detailed review/assessment of your experience. It’s very helpful as I have no showroom here to audition. I’m looking for something along this line and think that it may fit the need. I’m still considering putting rf7iii’s in but I’m also looking at the simplicity and Waf too. I didn’t know that it came with a subwoofer. I hope you and the wife are doing well. My wife just had her knee done she’s doing great! thanks
  2. I’m wondering if anyone has heard the heritage theatre bar? If you have could you give your opinion, experience and thoughts? Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone for the great input and help.
  4. Where did you see the sale and what’s the price? Thanks
  5. Where did you see the sale and what’s the price? Thanks
  6. Welcome to the Forum. I think that youthman from this group has compared and reviewed the rp280f, rp8000, rf7iii and a few others. So, check him and his videos out. Also, the rp8000 is the upgrade to the rp280f. They released the upgrade in a shorter period of time than a usual timeframe from what I’ve heard. The difference that I noticed most was the build and astetics. The 8000 in my opinion is a little more sleek and modern looking. I started thinking about this like you did and looked at the rf7iii and I’m now highly considering used or the next step up new. I hope that this helps you on your journey.
  7. Hi Cory, thanks for reaching out. That short wall would not work. But, y’all are giving out. Some good advice. I’m really thinking of the rf7iii I’m wondering though what amp ht receiver setup would work best. Would it be better to go pro like you said? Or maybe fortes or Lascalas, or Cornwall’s like others. But, a forum member near me has used Klipschorns near me upgraded at $3500. But, not sure they’re right fit for the room. Man this is going to be tough. Thanks, rob
  8. Hey Gary Thanks, those are some great choices. A guy near me from the forum has a pair of Klipschorns pictures look great and they’re upgraded. I’m seeing if they’ll work in my space. They are older though, but priced at $3500.
  9. Hey Y’all, I’m looking to put a system into our master suite. I’m new here and love quality sound and could really use some input and guidance. I live in central Florida and have noticed some good used equipment come onto the market. I was initially only thinking new but am considering used now as well. I’m not looking at doing a lot of work or restoration though. But, there are even some upgraded KHorns for sale nearby. So here’s some details: my room is 18x26’ with 12 ‘ ceiling. Tile floors, french doors on one end and open hall entry on other end, and 2 windows on one long wall and another regular door on corner of opposite long wall. My desires for the system: are to use for movies, streaming, tv shows, concert video, and some casual music listening. My starting budget is now $7-10k. I can add pieces over the next year to increase the budget. I can start with just the fronts/ht receiver amp and grow system if that turns out to be the best final direction. But, I’m really eager to hear from the community guidance, wisdom and experiences in order to make a happy and wise decision. This should be my last system. I initially was looking to buy the top reference premier line with r/l/c and svs subs and possibly RP rears and sides. And anthem mrx520 or 720. But, now I’m open to whatever as I started seeing the heritage series, kpt904’s etc. please help! Thanks Rob
  10. Hi, I’m in Ocala and would like to know more. Thanks rob
  11. Hi guys, im in central Florida and looking for your thoughts on whether these would make good l/r fronts for small 5.1 home theatre system I’d like to build for my master suite sitting area? It would be a 4 hour round trip pick up. If so, what center and what h/t receiver would work well. Would I need second power amp? Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks to y’all I almost fell for this. It was the bitcoin that made me suspect and now I came across this posting. I guess if it seems to good it probably is. Thanks ps. Even the same names that biscuit received and same approach.
  13. Hello rlink, I may be interested are they still available? They look amazing. I just started working on building a small system. Thanks I’m just north of you
  14. I’d be interested in the anthem 5 channel, is it mrx520? Thanks
  15. Hello Blackbird, i have to say, what generous community offer. I have been going through many posts to learn more about Klipsch audio. Also, getting ready to ask many questions because I’m trying to put together a system and was trying to decide what to get. I live in Ocala Florida and may be able to come and meet you soon or take youthman up on his offer of pony express. I’d love to give them a great home and look forward learning from this community. Just let me know what you’d like to do. Thanks farmerrob
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