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  1. Thank you for that. What are your thoughts between the bigger drivers in the 600c vs the more numerous but smaller drivers of the 504c. Thanks again everyone.
  2. Hi all 1st post. I have a medium sized room with a 65 inch screen and 3 metre viewing distance. Current Setup - Fronts - RP 250f Centre - RP 250c Surround - RP 240s Atmos front upfiring - rp 500sa Sub - SVS SB2000 I am hoping to upgrade my centre speakers - for better dialogue in movies in particular and richer vocals in Dolby surround from Tidal, HQ Spotify I was considering an RP 600c vs RP 404c or a 504c. I figure audyssey would take equilibriate the sound levels, but wondering if my fronts would match the timbre with all 3 Also should I go for the larger drivers in the 600c or the multiple drivers in the 404/504 series And given the rest of my set up, is the 504c overkill. Thank you very much for your advise. Thank you
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