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  1. It's an EV TW-35. An economy version of the T35. Not a great tweeter.
  2. It "could" be factory. Klipsch offered (for a very short time) an "economy" K-Horn using the Cobraflex. This is probably why He considered reflex horns "irritating". I'm sure JRH can supply more info.
  3. Positively ,absolutely, without a doubt SOLD!
  4. Responded to the PM's I got. Looks like a few didn't get through. Sorry. Speakers should be picked up & gone tomorrow.
  5. Drivers included. They are the drivers supplied by Danley.
  6. Baltic Birtch raw. Beautifully built. $700.00. I also have a NEW in box unbuilt kit. Same price, Will sell BOTH together for $1300.00. Located in Lombard. Il.
  7. Pre 52 K-Horns were 2 ways. The HF driver most commonly used was a Stephens P15.
  8. That's a factory cabinet. The top sections were made from 1/2" panels until Klipsch changed to using 3/4" in 1956. That speaker was refinished at some point.
  9. The RCA had the looks BUT, The Western Electric had the SOUND!
  10. That's the schematic for the Type "A" crossover.
  11. Dunkirk 4k...Superb looking disc. Non linear time line is a bit confusing though.
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