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  1. Pre 52 K-Horns were 2 ways. The HF driver most commonly used was a Stephens P15.
  2. That's a factory cabinet. The top sections were made from 1/2" panels until Klipsch changed to using 3/4" in 1956. That speaker was refinished at some point.
  3. The RCA had the looks BUT, The Western Electric had the SOUND!
  4. That's the schematic for the Type "A" crossover.
  5. Dunkirk 4k...Superb looking disc. Non linear time line is a bit confusing though.
  6. LaScalas 1985 LS BLS with cane grills vgc $1200.00 LaScalas Black late 70's Ok shape.one with a type A the other AA $600.00 Vertical Cornwalls CDR's early 70's no dust caps on woofers (Damn Cat!) Play fine. $500.00 Heresy HWO good condition late 70's. $400.00 Danley DTS 10 Birch raw. Excellent cond. $1200.00 DTS 10 NEW KIT in box. $1200.00 In Lombard, il. Pick up. E me Hellsbucket@aol.com for more info. Thanks
  7. Those are K33J (Jensen P15 LL 3.2 ohm DCR) Woofers. Real sweet hearts.
  8. Roy Carlson of EV was their eclosure guru in the 50's
  9. The Centurion is a true front loaded horn. It has a single path from the downward facing throat till it splits at the 2 side exits. It's bass cutoff is in the high 40s'. The closest things EV built to the Klipschorn were the Georgian & the more economical Cardinal.
  10. This gets screwy but, here goes. The Cornwall (1) of 59 vintage had a K-1000 (1000 cycle) midrange horn & the reflex port was on the rear of the enclosure. In the 60's it was redesigned with the K-600 mid horn & the reflex port on the front of the box. This was billed as the Cornwall "II". I have a pair in storage & the shipping box is printed "Cornwall II". By rights the New Cornwall should be a "IV".
  11. The only problem is the fact that the 130s' have been reconed. If they were JBL recone kits you're golden BUT, many independent shops used Waldom recone kits and they suck. Good luck.
  12. Those Redheads from seattle : 1953 3D..Harmless fluff from the 50s' with super Stereo photography and an aggressive 3 channel soundtrack. If you want to see what superb 3D is all about you can't go wrong with this one.
  13. filmofreddy


    I'm going with a 1960 to 1963 build date. Definitely home brew after seeing the woofer mount. I give that time frame because of the drivers & network plus, the top hat was constructed using 3/4 stock & that's post 1956. If the back chamber is still airtight you've got a nice pair of speakers but, not built by Klipsch.
  14. The bars were standard for at least the 1st. Forty years of the K-Horns life. Made changing woofers a breeze.
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