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  1. I Just did an other post with everything connect. Thanxs man
  2. Really Really bad this days. 1 U$$ is equal to 43 pesos ( OUR coin)
  3. hi guys. Im max from Argentina. I just finished my HT that took me a lot a sacrifice bescause here is hard to find this equipment and its very expensive. I will show you some pics. I hope you like it just like i do.
  4. PART 1 My name is Max, Im from Argentina and today i just finished my little HT that took me some time and a lot of money because here all this equipment is too expensive, but little by little i got it. I hope you like it just like i do because i did it with a lot of sacrifice.
  5. Gi guys its me again. I justo instala all the equipment and my onkyo receiver during the test put this results....are the ok or i have to up or down the hz? Klipsch rp250f Klipsch rp250c Klipsch rs52 Klipsch rp150m Klipsch 120sw
  6. a Thanxs lot. I Will be uploading photos
  7. I forgot to ask. I rug in the floor where the speakers Will be?
  8. Yes. I forgot to mention that i have an onkyo receiver, so it has a calibration app that i Will use
  9. Thanxs. Yes u Just bought a curtains so the room is dark enought. Here in argentina everything about sound system is very expensive. I know is not s WOW room but i Just did it with very sacrifice
  10. Thanxs Man. The Will be at almost 5 feet behind the couch and 3 feet above ear location. They should do the work dont They?
  11. Hi guys, first of all i apology for my english. My name is maximiliano and im from Argentina. I have been reading this forum for a while and now that im building my humble HT i have one questions that if someone could help me i appreciate. My HT is: I put some pics for help ( in red the frontals, in yellow the central, in blue the soundrround rs52, in green the klipsch rp150m for rears, pink the couch My room: 18ft long, 9,5ft width, 8,2ft hight Epson home cinema 3700 Screen projector 107¨ Klipsch rp250f + klipsch rp250c + klipsch rs52ii + klipsch rp150m + klipsch 120sw Question: where to put de rp150? with a column back to the couch ( it seems to me unconfortable) or in the wall near the ceiling with a mount pointing to the couch?? NEED HELP!
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