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  1. The Heresys, when I get them, will go into the cabinets, right side up. Thanks.
  2. In-walls are not an option for several reasons. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for your help. We've decided to retrofit our cabinets so we can place them inside and toe them in a little. Will require a little bit of carpentry and a whole lot of caulk and molding but it's doable. All I really need to do is find the speakers. Ha.
  4. Peter P. That is probably the most practical solution. However, after paying a good chunk on what we've already done (removing a fireplace, building the components shelving, matching flooring, etc.), we hesitate going that route. Considering what is there is on-site custom built, making it look right might be a challenge. Well worth considering, though. Thank you for the suggestion and your time. Much appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Okay, I now get the joke. Altering the cabinetry, placing them atop the cabinetry, or suspending them are not viable options. There was once a fireplace (a cheap, metal drop-in one) where the TV and components are currently. We eliminated the fireplace so we could accommodate bookshelf speakers. More alterations are not in the cards. We live in Florida where a fireplace is a waste of good space, so it was no big deal. Suspending the speakers is not something we would consider. Like I mentioned in my original query, the RP 160M's sound great, we just miss the big box. We sold our CF2's when we moved here because there was no room for them. Placing speakers in front of the cabinets wouldn't work for us either. If we decided to do that, we'd do Fortes. Thank you for your time and help.
  6. Taking the photo from the sweetspot would not have shown both speakers, so I had to stand to the side. What do you mean by circulation? Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the laugh. It made my day.
  8. The only option for placement of Heresys in our den is to place them on their sides on bookshelves. The shelves (actually a cabinet, very solid, on-site custom made) are 36 inches from the floor, placing the horns at or just a little above ear level in the sitting position (see pic). The room is long and narrow, with the speakers being placed on a long wall. We have two Klipsch subs, one on either side of the sofa which is on the opposite long wall, about 12 feet from the cabinet. The Heresys would be 8-10 feet apart. We've had different opinions from different people, yes and no. Does anyone out there have an opinion as to whether this a feasible option? We are currently running a pair of Klipsch RP 160 M's, which sound great, but we'd like to upgrade. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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