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  1. I was all set to shell out $3k for Heresy IV's but after reading all the comments here, I think I will stick with the II''s. Espcially since my room is not ideal for ported speakers.
  2. Thanks. I took one apart yesterday and thought "that's it?" Can't wait.
  3. Crossover are on their way to Crites. In the return box will also be a pair of titanium tweeter diaphragms.
  4. Okay, back on topic. While I have to remove the tweeters and mids to remove the crossovers, I might as well change out the tweeter diaphragms. Has anyone done this and how easy is it even for a klutz like me? The instruction I received from Crites seem pretty straightforward. Thanks.
  5. BTW, during those 25 years I did work in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. I was in Edmonton on 9/11/01. Freaked my kids out. They were all calling and asking "where's daddy?"
  6. Thanks. BTW, I think you need larger speakers. 🤣
  7. Yep, internal audit manager/director for the last 25 years of my career. 33 countries, 5 continents. I'm to the point in my life where I'm comfortable letting the pros do it. I still cut my own grass and take care of my vehicles, though. A friend of mine is a retired electrical engineer. His retirement job is repairing guitar amplifiers for local musicians. I could probably get him to teach me how to solder.
  8. A close friend's Mom used to say, when she bought something in her later years, "Well, this one will take me out." So, it's sort of a thing in our group of friends. Great story about the furniture. I used to travel a lot for work. I'd be gone for weeks at a time. My wife was constantly moving things around. I'd come home and trip over stuff in the dark.
  9. To Glens, the speakers are 34 years old and have lasted with the original crossovers (I think), I'm 68. The new crossovers will probably take me out. 😂
  10. Thanks MC39693 and jimjimbo. DIY is out of the question, I'm all thumbs and I hear Bob Crites is the go-to guy. Plus, I'll never have to do it again!!
  11. Let me clarify my question. I know I could do the rebuild cheaper if I did it myself. It's like calling a plumber, I could do it myself but I'd probably screw it up and end up with crossovers that I'd have to replace. What I'm asking is - will doing the rebuilds make the speakers sound better? I know it's subject to a lot of variables. I'm asking for people who may have done this to give me their opinions. Thanks
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