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  1. Need help laying out my theater speakers 5.1.4 or something else? I'm looking for some help since my situation is a little unique. This has been sort of a design build learning process as I have bought some speakers, then some more etc, but now I'm stuck with the speakers I have and I think I need to do something different than what I have set up. I have a 75" QLED Q80 series TV Pioneer Elite VSX-LX503 9.2 Front: Klipsch RP-280f tower speakers Center: Klipsch RP-500C Surround: Klipsch RP-500SA mounted on the walls as highs (angled down), these speakers can be Atmos or Surrounds. Ceiling/Atmos: Two CDT-5650-C II Subs: Two R-120SW (12inch subs) My problem is that I can't really do side surrounds. I have no place to put them. So I'm thinking of doing two of the RP-500SA speakers mounted high on the front wall and set them up as Atmos to work with the in-ceiling Atmos speakers which are directly above the seating area. I'm guessing this would be a 5.2.4 system? Or would it be better to run the fronts as high surrounds and only have the two above be Atmos? Do I really have to have the side surrounds? I hope I can make a good sounding system without them. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if it doesn't and I will try to describe it better. Thanks in advance!
  2. So here is what I have. My theater room is in my basement, but it's only taking up about half of the space. So on one side you have an exterior wall and then on the other side it's open toward a bar area and pool table. I have photos attached showing how the room is open on one side. The room is 13ft wide by 21 ft long. I have a 75" TV and a sectional that is about 10' from the TV. Pioneer Elite VSX-LX503 9.2 Four RP-500SA mounted on the walls as surround speakers One RP-500C Two R-120SW It actually sounds really good, but I want to add ceiling Atmos speakers and possible two surround speakers for the sides. Do you have any recommendations for the the side speakers? Also, is it worth it to go with four Atmos or can two get the job done? Any other ideas on how to improve the system? The graphic above seems like it would work the best. I would get two side surround speakers and mount them on pedestals, then install two atmos speakers in the ceiling and flip the switch on the rear RP-500SAs into Atmos mode.
  3. Thanks for the info, I have figured out that you are right., I guess I'm more of an audio snob than I thought. The entry level stuff is not up to my expectations. I took back the amp and got the bigger Pioneer Elite VSX-LX503 9.2 and it's much better. I installed the four RP-500c on the walls and have them set to surround sound and they sound amazing. I bought the R-34-C at best buy to just test it out, but I'm taking it back to get the RP-500-C. For two reasons, It will fit perfectly in my cabinet, anything longer will not fit in my cabinet and I will have to set it on top the cabinet which will force me to somehow raise the TV which I don't want to do. From what I have read, the RP-500-C should be better than the R-34-C since it's a Reference Premier and it has the 5.25 speakers even though there are only two vs the four 3.5 speakers on the R-34-C. I also took back the two ten inch subs and got a single 12 which seems to be better, but I think I will still have to get a second sub. I'm just not all that impressed by either the 10" Klipsch subs and the 12" was not amazing or anything. Are these very entry level or something? I think I will get a second 12 since they are on sale now for $359 each and that would be cheaper than going with a single SPL-150 or something even more expensive. Finally, I feel like I need some side speakers so I'm looking rounding out the system with something for the sides, either floor bases or shelf speakers on pedestals and possibly some atmos speakers in the ceiling, but this is more long term. Right now, we don't have enough sound coming from the back or sides, but I might be able to fix some of that through the settings. I will get some measurements soon. Thanks again for the help, any additional thoughts are welcome!
  4. Thank you for the reply. I really don't have room for the 5" speakers for the center unless I mount the tv on the wall, which I don't really want to do, so I'm hoping the 4" will work. I have tried the two 10 subs, but when deeper base hits them, it seems like they are not very crisp base as if they are too small or the amp is too small. Something doesn't seem right. I'm suing the atmos RP-500SA speakers as surround speakers and they sound great. What do you think of the VSX-834? Should it be able to power a system like this or am I going to be forced to go up to a bigger amp? I will take some pics and measurements soon. Thank you.
  5. Well, I ordered the wall speakers, so I guess I will figure this out on my own and report back!
  6. Hello, I have done a ton of research and I have decided to go with Klipsch for a new sound system and could really use some help. I have a QLED 75" TV and tried to use my old (12 year old) Sony surround sound, but quickly found that to be a dumb idea. So I went and purchased a new receiver to replace my Sony receiver and try to make do with my existing Sony speakers. Again, dumb idea. So now I'm wanting to do a full upgrade to match my amazing 4K Ultra HD TV. I bought a Pioneer receiver (VSX-834) but I think I will take it back and get the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX503 9.2 channel as it has more options, more power and little things like Sonos interaction which I have all over my home. It's on sale so it's only a couple of hundred more. Here is what I plan to do. I think I may skip getting towers for now and just go with a 5.1 system since my walls are pre wired for that and I can save some money and get the towers later. I'm also trying to take advantage of what Klipsch has on sale right now. I would get two sets of the RP-500SA speakers (on sale $100 off each set) and use them as wall mounted surround sound speakers. Later when I get towers and go to the 7.1 system, I can use them as Atmos speakers. These speaker would replace existing wall mounted speakers and brackets. I would also get two R-100SW 10" 150W subwoofers. From what I have read, it's better to have two smaller subwoofers than one big one and these are at a great price being $175 off right now. I would purchase a center speaker. I'm looking at the RP504C, but it's not on sale and quite pricey. Another option would be the RP404C which is on sale, but it has the smaller 4" speakers. I want a good center speaker, so I don't mind spending some money there. Finally, if I were to go ahead and get the towers, I would probably try to spend less on them and thought about going with the R620F towers. They are not the premier line, but they seem like they would work well and they are having a great sale on them. If these towers are good, I may pull the trigger on them while they are on sale. So that's my plan. I want to get these speakers purchased very soon so any help would be great. Also, would either of those receivers have any issues powering all of this? Thanks so much. I can't wait to be an active part of this community!
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