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  1. Anyone know if the RC-62 II would match alright with the R-620f?
  2. Problem with using the sub to make up for the low en in the R-52C is that it I have to turn the sub up, and that turns ALL the bass up. I end up with a boomy mess with really loud sub that overwhelms everything else. I just upgraded to a nice sub, too (BiC PL200 II) so I was hoping this would resolve some of that...
  3. I'm at my wits end at this point. I got an R-52C to match my R-620f and it just sounds so thin and tinny. It does match well on the high end, and upper mids. I tried an RP-400C and that matched beautifully on the lows and mids, but the upper end loses its sharpness and clarity. I got fed up and put in my R-51M bookshelf as a center. This sort of has the best of both, matches lows, mids, and highs... however, it can't keep up with my R-620f towers, and gets messier at higher volumes and doesn't hold up with the towers, and bring the system down a bit as a whole. What the heck am I supposed to do to match a decent center with this system? It is supposed to be the R-52C but I don't understand how anyone can use that, it is so flat and tinny that you lose the entire low end, but it seems there are no other good options to match with? The RP sounds great, but I think the tweeter aren't timbre matching or something as it leaves a hole in the high end.
  4. Just commented in the other thread as well. I just bought a BiC PL-200 II. The sub itself sounds great. Maybe I am just not putting all the pieces together properly, such as the crossovers?
  5. Yes, I just bought a BiC PL-200 II. Maybe I'm just not putting all these pieces together properly with the crossover, etc?
  6. What did you set your crossover to? I have the R-52C with some R-620f and the R-52C seems bright and clear but totally lacks lows and mids. It is driving me crazy, and I don't know how to match a center or adjust for this. I tried an RP-400C and it sounded WAY deeper, but I lost that crisp sound that the R-52C supplies, which does match the R-620f at least.
  7. Curious why you suggest the 34C over the 52C? The 52C has larger woofers, closer to the size of his floorstanding speakers. Also, with a crossover set that high, won't you have a big disconnect in mids and lows between the L, R, and center?
  8. Seems the R-52C is the go-to center speaker for people who own the R-620f, 820f, 51M, etc. I've found matching this with my R-620f to be a bit difficult. The R-52C is very bright and only goes down to 89hz. It is almost impossible to get any lows or mids out of it, nevermind trying to match that of the L/R. If set the crossover to 80hz it adds a tiny bit of depth, and I lost a tiny bit of clarity. If I set it to 90hz things tighten up a lot, but I lose a lot of the L/R and center oomph, such as when a car or jet is flying from one end to another, and in a lot of the sound effects, etc. I also feel that setting the crossover at 90hz+ defeats some of the purpose of my floorstanding speakers. I do have a BiC PL-200 II but it doesn't feel the same for side to side and front and center depth in the mid range. I tried an RP-400C instead, and it sounds way deeper and heavier with my setup, but I completely lose the upper end clarity (not sure if this is by design or a timbre issue). I'm a little confused at why this thing has so little mid and low end with the 2x5.25" woofers... the R-400C has way more depth, and even my R-51M bookshelf has more low and depth and goes down to 62hz. Why is this the speaker that is supposedly matched with these R-620f/R-820f when it can't seem to keep up at all? Am I using the wrong speaker, should I get something else? I suppose that is a separate question, and I am going off topic... my main question here is: What do people use for a crossover on their R-52C? Two quick side questions: If the R-52C only goes down to 89hz, if I set an 80hz crossover, am I "losing" the sounds between 81-89hz, since 80 and below go to the sub and 89+ go to the speaker? What is the consensus on setting different crossovers for different channels? Such as setting the center at 90hz and the L/R at 80hz? In my testing, this seems to produce unbalanced and muddier sounds with less clarity? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the response. I have the RP-400C and the R-52C and am completely torn on which to keep. The RP-400C sounds way deeper and matches my towers on mids-lows with an 80hz crossover. Sounds rich and full, but I feel the high end isn't quite timbre matching my towers, so I am losing high end detail, and dialogue isn't as clear. With the R-52C, setting them at 80hz crossover is actually below their capabilities (am I losing 81-89hz in this case?)... they sound very sharp and clear, and timbre match my towers with the high end, but lack some serious mids and lows to match the towers. I can set the crossover to 90hz and things do sound very sharp and clear, but lack that low end oomph throughout. Totally confused on what to do here and am driving myself crazy! Not sure if I should keep the RP-400C for the better mids/lows or the R-52C for the better clarity. What speaker am I supposed to be using for these R-620f? Is it considered ideal or not ideal to match them with an RP center? I just got the R-620f, so I won't be upgrading those for a long time... so I need a good center to match what I have.
  10. I just got two R-620f and am enjoying them. For now I am using one of my R-51M bookshelf speakers as a temporary center... I know the recommended center for the package is the R-52C, but right now I can get an RP-400C for only $20 more. Obviously that seems like a no-brainer (?), but would I experience any issues with timbre matching, etc? Side note: I'm starting to wonder if I'd be better off returning the R-620f towers and getting RP-400M for a little bit more... thoughts on RP bookshelf vs R towers? I definitely notice way more OOMPH going from my R-51M to R-620f... would downsizing back to bookshelf and smaller woofers but with the RP series be an upgrade or downgrade? Thanks for any feedback! EDIT: Despite the timbre concerns (which is my main reason for posting, and still my main concern)... I am wondering: The R-51M bookshelf I'm using for a center now has a 5.25" woofer that goes down to 62hz. The R-52C has two 5.25" woofers (still smaller than the 6.5" on my towers) and only goes to 89hz. The RP-400C has two 4" woofers... smaller, but goes down to a similar 65hz of the R-51M.... Am I wrong to expect the RP-400C to sound heavier and punchier than both? Or am I really stupid and am spending $200 on a center that will sound LESS heavt than my little bookshelf speaker? What do you recommend for the best center for around $200 to round this system out? Thanks again
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