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  1. Hey everyone, Seeing as I'm new to the hifi world and have my sights locked on a pair of RP-280F's, I am now looking for an amp to go with it. Thing is, I hate using multiple remotes. I plan to connect all my devices (only 2) directly to the tv so the amp will only use a single connection to my tv. Does anyone know of a compact amp that automatically turns on and off when it receives a signal or even a command from the tv and where I can raise or lower the volume through the TV's remote? Thank you all in advance!
  2. It certainly is, this is like travelling to another world and trying to learn the inhabitants language and customs. I consider myself quite knowledgeable in life in general, but I feel quite retarded in the world of hifi. 😂
  3. Thanks. Sad to hear it's kinda essential. Would you still consider it essential if you knew my current " setup" consists of nothing more than a 200 dollar soundbar? 🤣
  4. Good to know, so the RP-280F is on my list then. 🙂
  5. Thanks, I do have an amazing wife Apart from the space, the receiver I'm buying doesn't have a connection for a seperate bass speaker.
  6. @Dave1290 Thanks, but I'm all the way over the great pond in the Netherlands, so the Garage sale section has nothing for me. @Tarheel SInce I'm new to this world, I can't begin to phantom what a " bright" sound would actually sound like. Could I interpret it as to much on the high tones? @omar4 I don't think they would ship to the Netherlands, the shipping costs would be insane considering the weight of Klipsch speakers. Thanks anyway. @Ceptorman Thanks for clearing that up. In my view I would expect the 8000 series would be the upgrade from the 7000 series, not the 200 series. Klipsch is very confusing.. @wvu80 Thanks for the explanation on the series. You say the RP-600M is the newer version, but the triple "000" series was the newer version right? And I wasn't asking about the exact difference in sound between the 280 and the 8000, I was trying to figure out what the difference between the models were in general, as in, what's the difference between those models? If there aren't any differences, then why create two models? @angelluisgGood to hear you're very happy with your RP-280F, but I don't have that luxury of space to be able to put down a 7.2.4 system. I'm just looking for a 2.0 set and I don't want to buy two expensive speakers only to find out they have to be supplemented with different speakers before they're any good or because they're lacking in some area like bass or mid range. Sorry guys, but all the different models are very confusing. Maybe I have been asking the wrong question seeing how inexperienced I am. So here's another go at it; "What model speakers should I buy for a 2.0 system that's good in all ranges for movies. I'm not looking for high volume, but I do want to feel like I'm part of the movie I'm watching.?"
  7. Thank you. I'm comparing those two because I see both around the web a lot. If you have any other models to recommend, please do, I'm really new to thus world of speakers. As long as they're good in a stereo setup without enough bass so I don't have to buy a seperate bass module.
  8. Thanks for your answer and I'm glad to hear that missing a center speaker isn't so much of a problem. Any advice on what series in the RP series I should look at?
  9. Greetings everyone, My wife and I bought a bigger home and after many years I finally have the space and green light to buy my first set of standing speakers. Yay! The misses and I settled on the Klipsch reference series. I choose them because of their reputation, she choose them because they look good. Now since this is my first set ever, I started reading into Klipsch since they make a lot of different series. One thing I can't seem to find what, for example, the difference is between the RP-280F and the RP-8000f? Or the difference between the entire series. So I turn to you guys for advice. What, in your opinion would be a good starter set for a 2.0 setup? The speakers will mostly be used for watching movies. I don't have room for a center speaker or a separate subwoofer. Please advice me. 😁
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