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    so I just upgraded my receiver im getting the Onkyo TX-RZ830 waiting on it to arrive from ups. currently I have polk audio speakers I tossed everything together in a hurry before an I made a mistake.. im not knocking polk I just want something a bit different so im going to upgrade to Klipsch speakers and sub I want to stay in the same category model style I guess? I want all the speakers an sub to be on the same level I guess how I need to say it? for the subwoofer im looking at the R-110SW after a few youtube videos ive decided on bookself speakers il mount to the wall will be the RP-160M may go with 6 I have 6 polk bookshelfs now center speaker will be the RP-250C im an atmos nut so im wanting 4 ceiling speakers CDT-5800-C II looks like the main site for Klipsch doesn't offer the 160m etc I can still get them on amazon.. should I go with the upgraded model RP-600M? should have gone with klipsh to start with lol im an action movie nut war movies explosions gun shots etc ill be upgrading couple of things at a time not all at once Im able to afford this stuff so why not lol... im open to suggestions then I also see this on the website R-51M 7.1 Home Theater System all id have to do then is get my the ceiling speakers I want hmm
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