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  1. I’m very new to the hobby and managed to buy all my equipment on Facebook marketplace. My 5.2.2 set up... Marantz SR5011 - Preamp AVR RP 280F - Front - Driven by Yamaha M80 RP 250c - Deiven by Marantz MM7025 RP 140SA RF 42 II - surround - Driven by Proceed AMP 5 Subs - SVS 25-31 PCI - Klipsch R10SW All plugged into Monster Power HTS3500 I bought my cables from Amazon Basic - banana plugs - Shielded RCA - Sub Cables After some research they say speaker cables makes a difference. Is there a brand or type that is preferred ? RCA cables from AVR to amp should those be Monster cables or something as well? I dont have any hums or hisses, things sound great (to me)! I just want to use the proper cables if it will make a difference and protect my investments! Thank Ni you for any input.
  2. I ended up buying the SVS & returning the klipsch. They both made a huge difference but I find the SVS to be less boomy and I can feel it more.
  3. I’m looking to add an additional sub (sorta an upgrade) to my home theater. I recently bought the R120SW over the weekend on sale for 300 but I recently found a listing for a SVS 25-31PCI for sale and negotiated it to 150. I do a decent amount movie & music. My my current set up includes SR 5011 Receiver (but used as preamp) RP 280F with MM7025 separate am RP 250c (center) RP 140SA (Atmos) KF 42 II (surround) these three are on an Proceed AMP 5 with an R10SW subwoofer. I cant decide if I should return the Klipsch R120SW to buy the SVS 25-31 PCI. I do a good 50-50 for music and movies. I listen to all variety do music from hip hop to EDM to Vietnamese pop music & bolero. My living soon is a small room maybe 12x12x10, with 3 walls connected to another room on the wall-less side. That connected room is about 15x10x10 with 3 walls and connect to another room. (Hope that makes sense. HELP!!!! Ps this is my first post, new to forum and thank you for any help!
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