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  1. wow , great soundsystem in every room. may be its better to wrap my brown speaker into black, so i can make it original , when i want.....?
  2. this brown , i need to repaint in black klipsch rf-63 colour....
  3. hi, i have this setup , 11.2 Front and back speakers , 4 x rf-63. front width rp-640 D, 2x Front high SSL1 , 2x back width rf 52 , 2x Sub rw-12. center rc-52. but i have 2 pieces rf-63 ( front )in colour black. The others ( back ) are in brown colour, i want to re-paint them in the same as the front. I cant find the wright Rall colour number. Can anyone help me ? All plays with pioneer sc-lx86 reciever, sounds greats. thanks a lott iff someone can help me, regards
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