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  1. Thank you for replaying. Yes, the versions a diffrent - LG C9 TV bluetooth 5.0 ; Klipsch 4.1. 😓 I would guess there will be no Update for the Klipsch. I dont get why the Klipsch is using an older version of bluetooth. I have no idea how to connect the Klipsch Speaker via WLAN to the TV. The TV only offers me to connect to an bluetooth audio source. If i am wrong, does anyone know how i can connect via WLAN? Thanks
  2. Hello! Yesterday my Three arrvied and I testet it with serveral inputs and it sounds magnificent. So far, so good! There is just one major problem witch I encountered, its a deal breaker for me :/ When I watch content (YouTube App, TV, Prime and so on) over my LG C9 OLED TV (Audio source bluetooth), i get an Sync issue (delay) with the picture an sound. I would say its about 1 sec. It is enough that u can see it immediately. Before i got The Three I had another Bluetooth speakter conected to the TV, there was no issue. So i am guessing The Three is the problem. Is there anything i can do? I am quiet frustrated about that issue...😓 Regards Vito
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