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    West Coast, USA
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    Great Room:
    Marantz Pre/Pro, JBL AVA7 (Lexicon) Power Amp, 5.2.2 Forte II's LR, (looking for a center I like, like another Forte II) Pro 180 RPC LCR's for height speakers and Pro 180 RPW for Rear Surrounds in the ceiling, (wanted to separate the horn from the cone driver, so used RPW's in the Ceiling). Two JBL subs, doing the trick...

    Blue Sound Node for HD Streaming, Apple TV for movies, and a Sony Blue Ray, which collects dust.

    Master Bedroom:
    Blue Sound Power Node, RCA's Pre Out into Yamaha M80 Power Amp driving 2.1 Klipsch Pro 180 RPC LCR, and a JBL HTPS 400 Sub. Trying to get the most out of the in Ceiling Speakers.

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About Me

I love awesome sound experiences, with all kinds of music.
Of course, loving that sound experience with Movies and Entertainment as well.
I used to sell Hi Fi Audio Gear, and developed a good ear listening to the best stuff in the High End Audio/Video rooms...  
My current system sort of crashed into me, and I'm really enjoying it again, after loosing custody of my venerable Yamaha C80/M80 goodies and my JBL L65 Jubals.  But blessed to have what I've found, and am enjoying now.

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