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  1. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I am considering a 200w 3 channel amp that I would run through the 730 to power the LCR soundstage. The rears, side surrounds and height 1 would go straight to the 730. I would then hook up the 600 to the 730 to add 2 channels for the rear heights. I would not add an amp to the 600.
  2. Wow, looks like you put a lot of thought and effort into making a nice space.
  3. Fascinating. I did some snooping around and it looks like that area of the avr does function as multichannel inputs. Here’s a link that goes deeper into it: https://www.avsforum.com/forum/91-audio-theory-setup-chat/2766761-using-old-avr-external-amp.html if I were to try out a separate 3 channel amp for the front sound stage, would that add the power of the amp on top of the AVR power, or just free up the avr power to be used in other channels? I.E., adding a 200 w/ channel amp would result in a possible 300 w/ channel for the front soundstage.
  4. @willand, thanks for the reply. Amps are new to me so I’m still learning. I figured I probably couldn’t use the former receiver, but wasn’t sure. From the reading I’ve done, it sounds like amps give more wattage, which leads to higher volume. This can’t be all it does, because I can’t imagine there’s that many people hungry for high volumes. What else do they do? Add range, better clarity or fine details, bigger presence or punch? If I do go for the amps, would I be able to run one through my mains (or LCR) like you mentioned and still be able to use one to get 2 more channels? Or is it a trade off?
  5. No worries. With so many receivers with different configurations, it took me a while to get more comfortable with each companies designations, channels, wattage, etc. I figured it was certainly possible I missed something. Im all for spending a bit more if it means I’m more likely to get better value long term. That’s why I was originally trying to decide if the matching option was a better value proposition than getting the new line. Once I heard the rf7’s, it was immediately apparent that it was a significant upgrade and I would be happy with them for a long time. That being said, I’m leaning towards the 830 over the 730. I don’t think I’m going to read anything that says more wattage is a bad thing, especially with the amount of speakers I may be eventually using. Can I use my current onkyo sr600 as an extra amp with these? It’s an older model, running 80 watts per.
  6. I’m confused. I thought all the receivers I listed were 9.2 channel receivers that could be expanded to 11.2 with an external amp, including the onkyo’s.
  7. Exciting news. I found a local seller offering a pair of cherry rf7 ii’s for $1300 and a cherry rc64 ii for $600. They are now in my living room For now, I’m going to put the rf82’s in the back and have the rp250s’ on the sides. For the sub, I’ve looked at the reviews and the general consensus is that klipsch is fine, but there are better at my price point (6-700). I’m thinking 12” should do it. I may add a 2nd down the road. I’m thinking either the svs pb2000, hsu vf2 mk5 or the monolith 12”. Given the the great deals on the Onkyo 730 and 830 right now, I think it’s going to be hard to spend $4-500 more on an equivalent Denon like the 4400, 4500 or the new 3600. It looks like the only difference between the 730 and 830 is wattage, so I’m not sure if 20 more watts per channel is worth $130. I could always get a separate amp, too. Now I just need to move and get it all hooked up!
  8. Thanks for your response! I'm really looking forward to the new HT. I have considered looking at a different company for the sub as it sounds like that component has the least need to timbre match. I'm thinking an SVS (either sb-1000 or pb-200) or a HSU vtf-2 mk5, but I haven't dug into it as much as the other components. While solution 1 would certainly be cheaper, I'm wondering if I would be missing out on a significant quality difference (clarity and range) if I didn't go all-in. I think I'm already suffering from upgradeitis and I haven't started yet - when I look at the rc62 ii, I think about the rc64 ii, but those are a very big price difference unless I buy used, so then I think should I go with the newer rp600c or the rp504c, and then I worry the new center won't match with the rf82's, so it would be better to just do all of it. Then I curl up into a ball and mumble to myself.
  9. Hello all, I’m moving into a new house and will finally have a room big enough (16x16) that will house more than just the rf82 mk i’s I’ve had since 2007. I have a pair of r250s I got a good deal on but never hooked up to my 6.1 onkyo receiver (also from 2007). I’ve done a lot of research and it looks like the mk i vs mk II series is fairly close, but anything newer than that will have a different tweeter and a 90 x 90 horn instead of a 90 x 60. As such, I am stuck between these 2 possible solutions: 1. Try to get speakers to match the older model. Keep the rf82 and r250s for the mains and sides Rp62c ii or rp64c ii for the center R112sw for the sub Rb61 ii or rb81 ii for rears 2. Go all-in and buy from the new reference premier line. Keep the r250s for sides RP8000f for mains Rp600c or rp504c for center Spl120sw for the sub Rp600m for the rears Either way, I plan to get an onkyo rz730 or rz830 to support more channels and potential expansion for Atmos. Thanks in advance. I’ve read through many posts on here and you seem like a friendly bunch.
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