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  1. This is right where I'm at after building Khorn bass bins and upgrading AA X-overs with sonicaps. How does the Eliptrac HF B&C DE120 compare with the CT-120s? I only want to spend once. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. I love this forum.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. I'll post pics when done. I'm in no rush. Winter project.
  3. Ended up going straight to the vendor which was glveneer.com and saved about 300 per sheet. Still a bit pricey but love the pattern. Yes jsowoodproducts has some very nice veneers. Thanks all for the advice. I went with the set B sheets. Yes 2 so I can duplicate the pattern.
  4. That one turned out to be a grand per sheet at glveneers in cali. To rich for me. Would have made nice faces though and tops.
  5. These are what I'm currently looking at in Koa for the Khorns I'm building from scratch with speakerlab's plans after finding all the components by a stroke of luck on Milwaukee craigslist. I'll be making a decision on which one I'll go with in a week and will post the sources after that. Really torn as to wheather or not to go with the pattern running up and down the 4' side as I can get 2 matches on each face and it almost resembles flames but I really like the others. Choosing is the worst part! Well besides paying for it. Not cheap.
  6. I am wondering if someone could direct me to a more comprehensive step by step build plan of a Klipsh cornerhorn woofer cabinet or similar DIY. Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.
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