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  1. First: The opinions below when coupled with 69 cents will get you a small coffee at MacDonalds (or laughed at in Starbucks). I have purchased and auditioned several 300B tubes with my Cary amps/integrateds: Western Electric, Shuguang, KR Audio, current Cary OEM and Sophias Using my 1999 Western Electrics as the baseline, my thoughts are the KR Audio 300B tubes are just as sonically pleasing as the WE. No veil in the mid or high end and controlled “non-boomy” bass. Both provide a sense the musicians are in the room with you. To me, the best part is no Western Electric premium on KR tube pricing. Next in line are the Cary OEM followed closely by the Shuguang 300B. Since the Cary OEM tubes are now Chinese and physically look the same as my Shuguang, I suspect the Carys are cherry picked and rebranded Shuguang 300Bs. They are pleasant tubes, a bit more forward in the mid-range than the WE or KR. Non- boomy bass as well.Their value is good: the complete re-tube kit from Cary for my integrated amp (all 5 tubes) is $600. Most Shuguang 300Bs are available for less than $400 a matched pair. Finally, the Sophia are inferior in my opinion. They are rebranded from another supplier and did not sound as clean nor have the controlled bottom end of any of the other tubes. When one blew (spectacularly, I might add) after less than 200 hours, I pull them all and threw them away. Currently I am happily running KRs and have no real motivation to swap them. The Cary with KRs is a good match with my La Scalas. As another thought to consider is depending on the amp, at the millennium Cary offered both Western Electrics and KR 300B tubes and now they have a house brand. I considered adding a pair of EMLs, but I’d rather listen to the KRs than roll tubes. I may be alive long enough to see if the KRs last as long as the WEs (20 years!). That may be a consideration, but in the long run assuming no inherent tube manufacturing failure, any 300B tubes based on the WE 300B design should for “ages” without failure. So when figuring a tube cost, spreading over 10 to 20 years, even vintage WE are not that expensive. A final thought: I considered using a 300BXL, but my reading indicated the XLs need a higher voltage to sing and that 300Bs like to run at their specified voltages (300v for the 300B and 450v for the XL I believe), so I dropped that idea. I recall the Cary amps at the millennium offering the XL tubes have different output transformers and two small tube drivers differing from than non-300BXL tubed amps. Have fun and stay healthy. Mike
  2. Great advice; it's just what I was hoping to read! Thanks and see you in Hope next time. Mike
  3. I have one amp which came with (and is specified to use) a CV378 rectifier. I have another amp which came with (and is specified to use) a 5UG4 rectifier. Neither instruction manual discusses or says not to use a different rectifier, but as noted, specifies the respective tube. It’s time to retube. Depending upon what you read (God bless the internet), these tubes are interchangeable or cannot interchange or are bested by a 5R4GYS. It’s time to retube. May I please have some advice and thoughts from our tube experts ? Thanks in advance. Mike
  4. An assortment of quality cables: 1 1 meter Esoteric Audio RCA interconnect 2 I meter RCA interconnects with Cardas cable 1 2 meter Monster video cable 1 I meter Monster video interconnect with f connectors 1 4 meter Monster video interconnect with f connectors 1 4 meter Audioquest Evergreen 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable 1 2 meter 3.5mm make to 3.5mm male cable All are in good condition as work as expected. Better in your audio drawer than mine :-) $37.50 shipped to you in the lower 48. Thanks. Mike
  5. I sold the amp which was wheeled around on the stand. Yes, its used, but in my case, the wood block on which the amp sat covered everything... The photos make it look worse than reality. Measures approximately 18" w by 23" long and stands 9" on its wheels. The back crossbar is adjustable to accommodate shorter amps. $100 plus shipping to you. Shipping could be costly give the size. If you are attending the Pilgrimage, I'll bring it to you. Or come pick it up. I'm south of Nashville TN. Please email any questions. Thanks. Mike
  6. Outstanding hybrid integrated amplifier made in Italy with 50 watts per channel. Minimalist brushed aluminum faceplate. The unit has two pair of speaker connectors which run simultaneously allowing you to use the second pair for a subwoofer. This unit includes the optional phono section which is switchable for MM or MC. Most importantly, this unit has the level 2 upgrades from Underwood HiFi. The mods include SOUNDCOAT chassis damping material cut & applied to the inner chassi, two MULTICAP PPFXS polypropylene film and tin foil inter-stage coupling capacitors, two 1uf AURICAP metallized polypropylene preamp input coupling capacitors, twenty Japanese RIKEN ½ and 1 watt "signal path" carbon resistors (gold-plated leads), two feet of DH LABS “Revelation series” pure 99.999% silver solid core input signal wire with teflon tape-wrap dielectric, a pair of premium VAMPIRE “direct gold plated over copper body” RCA female jacks replacing the original CD input, four WBT 0763 single output binding posts, Vishay-Telefunken SF4007 ultra-fast soft recovery diodes (to re-build existing bridge rectifiers), six upgraded electrolytic capacitors are added to the power supply, two custom made Burr-Brown OPA627 op amp based pc boards dramatically upgrade the amp driver stage, TRT WonderSolder is used throughout, and four EAR large sorbothane isolation feet further dampen the chassis. The result is dead silence, great sound stage and dynamics. The bass is even tighter with no flab. It has a great grip on the bottom end of my La Scalas and Heresy, as well as a clear and layered midrange. Look for the 6 Moons Audio review and Sam Tellig’s review at Stereophile. Works perfectly. This amplifier shows a minimal flaws or scratches. Includes power cord, remote, manual & original packing. $1000. Weighs almost 30 pounds, so don’t be surprised at the cost of shipping. Or come audition and take it home with you. I’m south of Nashville. Please email any questions.
  7. While wandering through my record store, I found two sealed copies of a Quadrophonic disc from 1973: Bonnie Koloc on the Ovation label. I have no earthly idea who this woman is, but she is still recording and performing. I'll sell one & keep the other. I have a whopping $8.69 in this; how about $8.70 plus shipping to you? Its the holiday season after all... Please email any questions., Thanks. Mike
  8. Probably, but I'm sure several of us will be there as well... Interesting that Rene Auberjonois, who portrayed Father Mulcahy in the movie, died last week. Mike
  9. Wouldn't you know it. One of the KT-120s just blew on the SLI-80. Since I have no new tubes right know, I am withdrawing it from consideration. Once its re-tubed (ouch) and checked out, I'll let the forum know. Thanks for responses. Mike
  10. ... and it gives a festive glow for the season.
  11. The buyer's call on whether they stay or go...
  12. Benny says when you have to put your integrated amps on carts to be able to use them, you have too many. He’s probably right. I think the CAD-300SEI is a nearly perfect Single-Ended Triode. This one has a chrome chassis with a black faceplate. While only offering 11 watts per channel of pure class-A power, this unit has all available upgrades: Mundorf capacitors, Hexfreds in the power supply, Grayhill gold plated selector switch, and WBT Speaker terminals. The unit was gone through by Cary this spring and has no issues sonically or cosmetically. Includes an additional new Cary tube set (yes, all five), manual, factory power cord and factory packing. It is a very heavy beast; about 50 pounds. A rough guess with sufficient insurance would $100 or so. The West Coast may be more. Or come by, audition and take it home yourself. $2500 insurance and shipping to you. The amp cart is not included, but if you buy both I might be convinced to add it to the mix, especially if you pick them up. Please email any questions or need additional photos or information. Thanks. Mike
  13. I have a SLI 80 Signature F1 with KT-120s running my La Scalas right now & love it. Dead quiet, reserve power for dynamics.I can also swap it to my very inefficient Spendors and power them similarly. Never had a problem with it, bass delivery or its tubes. It is not forgiving of poor content, however. I also also have a 300-SEI; its perfect with Heresys & La Scalas. Not quite as quiet as the SLI, but it nails vocals with incredible detail. Not as happy running the Spendors. I am happy with both amps, but re-tubing can get to be a drain. Mike
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