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  1. I have a group of small signal tubes from when a friend re-tubed his Mac. There are 5 Brimar 12AX7s, 5 Mac12AX7As, 4 Mac 12AT7s & one Mullard 12AT7. These are used and probably have some life left in them, but I have no way of testing since all my tubed equipment uses 6s. But to sweeten the pot, I'll include a matched pair of unused NOS Mullard 12AT7WAs from the Tube Store. Take the whole lot - 17 tubes - for $62.50 including shipping in the lower 48. Please email any questions. Thanks. Mike
  2. I'm moving and really don't want to move these (I also want to replace them with Horns). Purchased new from an authorized dealer as B stock in 2019. They have the usual B stock minor finish issues:several dark sports on the top from filling and orange peel on the lower sides that disappears with furniture polish. Other than that, they are perfect and have no issues. They will look grand in a living or listening room.I have the boxes and will help you pack, but I will not ship them. Please feel free to arrange an audition and please email any questions. I am south of Nashville. Thanks. Mike
  3. I rolled my tile saw over to my neighbor & told him I didn't need it any more. An hour later he comes by and hands me a box and says he didn't need it any more. Now each of us is saying "I got the better end of that swap."
  4. My new Cary SLI-80 running EL-34s. Need to get some more dramatic rectifiers. Mike
  5. While browsing another forum, I came across this post: "This is the LAST ever B-stock version of the $200,000 Hyperspace Supernova Clear 2m! It's a brand new build but with slight cosmetic flaws, and red wiring for the ground instead of green. Very limited edition, only 3 of this cable has been built! Sold for 100th of retail price! " Since I'm looking for two cables and there is only one, I guess I'll have to spring for the non-B stock...
  6. You read the tag line correctly. Try this pair of Spendor SP1/2R2 speakers for $100. Two, but one is dead. We think it’s the low frequency driver voice coil, but could also be the crossover. After attempting to work with the dealer, tech & distributor for nearly a year to repair, I have reached my limit & wash my hands of it. The other speaker is fine and if nothing else, would make a great center speaker. Cosmetically, they are in great shape.The cabinetry is ebony veneer with the usual minor dings snd small scratches you get over 7 years. The grills are snag & pill free.The bases are a bit rougher from resting on metal stands and movement. Frankly, they’d sit nicely in a living room.They are already packed in the factory boxes ready to go. Given the 40 pounds per speaker, I’d suggest pick up (I’m south of Nashville TN), but they can be shipped anywhere of you pay the freight. The specs are below: F Drive Units: 19mm soft dome, ferrofluid cooled (0.75") Scanspeak 2008 38mm soft dome, shaded pole (1.5") Scanspeak 3806 LF Drive Unit: 200mm polypropylene cone (8") 40 mm voice coil (1.5") Impedance: 8 ohms nominal Sensitivity: 88 dB for 1 watt at 1 meter Maximum SPL 104 dBA at 1 meter Crossover Points: 3kHz, 13 kHz Frequency Response: 45 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 3dB) Pair Matching: Within 1dB Power Handling: 100 watts Cabinet Dimensions: 635mm x 300mm x 300mm (25" x 12" x 12") Cabinet Weight: 18 kilos (40 lbs.) Please feel free to email any questions. Thanks.
  7. Two (2) matched quartets of Electro Harmonix KT-88s. One quartet is new in the box, never installed. The other was just pulled from my amp. These tubes have about 250 hours on them with no issues. Tubes have black lettering, metal bases. No logo except on the box. I went back to 6550's and much prefer the sound in this amp. $100 plus shipping for all 8 tubes. How's that for a deal? Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. Mike
  8. https://tmraudio.com/vintage/speakers/klipsch-la-scala-vintage-speakers-birch-pair-bob-crites-fastlane-upgrades Per the ad: This pair of La Scalas was upgraded by Bob Crites using his B&K Sound Type A / 4,500Hz crossover. The "squawker" horns were replaced by FastLane Audio with wooden tractrix curve horns. The binding posts have also been upgraded to five-way binding posts. And they'll ship them!
  9. I have nothing to do with this sale other than stumbling upon it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Medura-15-Klipsch-Inspired-V1a-La-Scala-Mini-Speaker-Set-Handcrafted-In-USA/264885304971?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 You have to admit they are cute for being less than 12" tall... Mike
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