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  1. NOS tube I never got around to installing & now the equipment is gone.


    One Amperex White Label 6922 from Brent Jessee. 1961 vintage branded Beckman.  $75 shipped to you in the lower 48.


    PayPal is fine; please email any questions.






    Tubes - 2.jpeg

  2. From some dealer's websites, the lowest freight charge I've seen in $400. However, that is just a freight charge from a commercial location to a freight terminal. Any number I threw out would be a guess, but you still need to box the speakers up, palletize them and transport them to a freight terminal. I suspect that would add several hundred more to the tab. It would be like hiring a mover.

  3. Mine came from the dealer strapped to a pallet (one bin & HF per pallet) via Yellow Freight. Picked them up at Yellow's terminal. Any LTL carrier can transport them. Its getting them strapped to a pallet and to the freight company that takes some work. I assume you can pay to get someone to pick them up, but probably not the palletizing of the speakers.



  4. You might want to try this. Slightly mustard/vinegar tangy, its been on almost all my grilled sandwiches for the last 50 years. Its also good as a baste on grilled chicken.



    Durkee's - 1.jpeg

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Dave A said:



     I am not far away if someone wants to bid and have them stored for a while before they pick them up. Not forever mind you but a decent period of time.


    Hmmmm; I'm even closer than you Dave, but I'll be out of town during the 6 hour window to pick them up. I'll have to think about that.

  6. I've had two PV2ARs; neither made any sound on startup. But as jimjimbo said it takes a moment for the tubes to warm up. Just make sure the volume is down and you turn the pre on before turning on the amp.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Fido said:

    After these latest comments about trumpets and fuglehorns and how bad the Forte IVs sound compared to “I don’t knows” Heresys I am going to get rid of my Forte IVs. 


    Great; please box them up. I'll be over later to pick them up.

  8. Let's see; raced cars, worked lighting for bands, sold audio equipment and listen to music at appropriately live levels (not my fault. I come by it naturally: my father designed loudspeakers and amplifier circuits...).

    Nothing wrong with my hearing...  other than the constant hum of locusts in the background.    😎


    Seriously, as Travis pointed out, ENT is only way to go. Even if hearing aids are not the answer, with training, you can push tinnitus to the back of your mind so it does not interfere with life.



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  9. 18 hours ago, CoryGillmore said:

    I'm gonna be really pissed if I spend 5 grand on new amp/dac/pre and it sounds the same as this $800 A/V receiver....Really pissed...


    That won't happen; just look at the separates others on the forum use. Good luck.

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  10. 21 hours ago, captainbeefheart said:



    unless you listen to very simple music like vocals, chamber, simple acoustic, piano, etc.... Start cranking Metallica after a few beers and it just will not hold up too well.

    Very simple...  and then compared to Metallica? Wow


    21 hours ago, captainbeefheart said:

    Coupling caps low impedance means there really is no signal ACROSS them, which means they really are not doing anything to the signal at all. Since there is no signal across them they do not add any distortion.


    I am not an engineer, but if there is no signal, why are they there at all? But if there is a signal, something is happening across them.



  11. 12 minutes ago, Bubo said:


    Can't wait for the roach burgers they want to feed us.


    How about smoked crickets for an appetizer? Not that uncommon in Baja. Once you get over realizing the legs are still attached, they are not bad.

    Smoked - 1.jpeg

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  12. These are NOS KR Audio VV 302B tubes.  Aqua-blue glass in a "medicine bottle" shape tubes from the early '00s. The VV302B ia a ultra-linear, low frequency, high power triode tubes capable of producing 14 watts of pure class-A power. Per KR Audio, the VV302 is somewhere between 300B and 300BXLS with a slightly lower amplification factor than a "standard" 300B tube. These tubes feature a new ribbon filament construction and the KR Enterprise exclusive patent design with 32 cathodes. The VV302B valves possess a vacuum of 10-9 Torr, a maximum grid current of 2.0 microamperes and constant emission over the life of the tube. These tubes have an ever so slightly larger base diameter; if you have a recessed tube socket you may not be able fully seat the tube. They are perfect with surface mount sockets or those with large openings.

    Rated a "9" only because of the shop worn box, I have never electrified the tubes. I am selling these (and a set fo Cary 300B tubes) because I have a pair of WE 300B tubes to replace my other KR Audio 300B tubes, have too many 300B tubes and want to buy a set of 'horns.  $500 including shipping to you in the. lower 48.  Please email any questions. Thanks.



    KR VV302 - 2.jpeg

    KR VV302 - 3.jpeg

    KR VV302 - 1.jpeg

    KR VV302 - 5.jpeg

  13. A rather uncommon Lampizator tube DAC; Generation 5, level 4. S# 957. Digital board capable of 32 bit/380 kHz via USB. Rectifier tube, choke and (almost) electrolyte less power supply. High end mix of quality components including 3 JAN Philips and 2 JJ Tesla tubes with Jupiter caps. This unit has both balanced and RCA outputs. Balanced input, USB & SPDIF (coax) inputs. Dead quiet.


    To invoke the old descriptions from TAS, my friend described its sound like my red headed ex-wife: bold, dramatic and a bit dangerous. This is not a bespoke, polite DAC; it is allows the music to expand to its original recording.


    The current replacement model is a Baltic 3 at over $4000. Includes manual and power cord. No original box, but it will be packed like a tank. Please email any questions. Thanks.


    $1500.00 plus shipping.

    Lampi - 1.jpeg

    Lampi - 6.jpeg

    Lamp lit.jpeg

    Lamp rear.jpeg

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