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  1. I could missing something, but his prices look the same to me as well. They also match what other dealers are offering the Heritage line. I see some new B Stock Heresy IV on fleabay for $2400. That seems to be a pretty good deal.
  2. As a follow up to this thread, the California Supreme Court denied Amazon’s Petition for Review in Bolger v. Amazon – a landmark case in which the California Court of Appeal held Amazon strictly liable for a defective battery sold on its marketplace that caused catastrophic burn injuries to Angela Bolger. The San Diego-based Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, Division One ruled in August that Amazon, like other retailers, can be held strictly liable for defective products sold on its virtual marketplace. Following the ruling, Amazon requested review by the California Supreme Court and also asked the high court to “depublish” the opinion, which would strip it of any precedential value. Amazon argued the Court of Appeal drastically expanded strict liability in California and took an ‘unprecedented leap’ when it found that Amazon was strictly liable for a defective replacement laptop battery that exploded several months after purchase. With this denial of review, the case was remanded for further proceedings not inconsistent with the ruling. As noted in the San Diego Metro Daily Business Report: https://www.sandiegometro.com/2020/11/daily-business-report-nov-24-2020/ When I was in law school decades ago, we believed the Kansas Supreme Court had only two sets of law books: Kansas to tell them what the law is currently and California to tell them what the law will be in twenty years.
  3. michaelwardjoines


    It may not be a joke, but I laughed out loud when I read this description in a US Audio Mart ad: Really have to listen to know how awesome these speakers are. Really?
  4. Sadly, I've been dead for a little over two years. Someone needs to come get my stuff...
  5. Hold the presses: I just received an email from Upscale saying their price increase is now on hold. Good news if new loudspeakers are in your future. You don't need to watch Uncle Kevie's video... Klipsch Heritage September 1 Price Increase On Hold From Heresy to K-Horn, though costs are going up, Klipsch has made the difficult decision to keep retail prices the same. For now. Watch the video to hear more from Kevin.
  6. Geez; at least take him to Calhoun's...
  7. Went to Goodwill yesterday. At 5 for $3, I splurged.
  8. I remember many years ago hearing the statement if you default on a $10,00 note to a bank, you have a problem. But if it's a $100,000 note, the bank has a problem. Today its called leverage and seems to work for many people. I believe you just need the right measure of audacity to pull it off.
  9. This is a matched pair of Cary Audio Design 300B tubes which were purchased as backups for my Cary amp. They are NOS and are unused; I did plug them in to verify they worked and then placed them in storage. Only selling as I bought new WE tubes and these are now extras. Please note they will not be in individual boxes but packed appropriately for safe arrival. "Blowout" to Forum members: $200 including lower 48 shipping. Please email any questions. Thanks. Mike
  10. The closet cleaning continues... This pre is dead silent and adds, to my ears, no coloration whatsoever. That can be good or bad depending on your ears & system. Its perfect for Klipsch speakers as there is seldom an issue with the output voltage from our front ends to drive speakers without the need of additional gain. I never found a DAC or CD that could not drive my amps. The Tortuga LDRx is an audiophile grade passive preamp which comes standard with Cardas GRFA-L RCA jacks: 3 inputs and dual (parallel) outputs. Internal wiring is high quality Milspec teflon coated 26AWG silver coated copper wire. Simple 7-button Apple Remote provides remote control, along with a rotary encoder with integral push-button located on the front panel. Volume level and status information are provided via a pair of digital displays that are invisible when the unit is off. Specifications Preamplifier Type: Passive unity gain without buffer | attenuation via light dependent resistors (LDRs) in an LPad configuration Attenuation Range: –60 dB to 0 dB in a 70 step attenuation schedule Nominal Input Impedance: 20k ohms Control System: Software based (updateable) 8 bit digital microcontroller driving 12 bit digital-to-analog volume control Software : Updateable via download from website and upload via USB cable from PC Auto Calibration: User enabled/disabled self-contained auto calibration of LDRs to correct for drift/aging Display: Dual numerical displays (blue) providing volume and status information https://tortugaaudio.com/products/archive/ldrx-passive-preamp/ $700 plus insurance and shipping to you. The unit has no issues either cosmetically or sonically. Includes factory packing, power cable, Apple remote & photocopy of operating instructions.
  11. Rethm Gaanam se5 using 6C33C for 5 watts.
  12. After looking at my photo, I thought "that's not right" & reorganized my tubes so I know where they are at a glance. I feel much better...
  13. I never had the heat on unless my parents visited for a week or two in the winter. Otherwise, my a/c was always on. Too much humidity as you point out. Went through two systems and had I stayed, a third. But the buyer got that pleasure.
  14. And right on schedule, Harbor Freight just sent me an email for their generator sale!
  15. My nephew in Maine just purchased a turn key 27Kw Generac system for very slightly under $10,000 with dealer install & licensed electrician. He runs off two- two hundred LP tanks. Going up to that capacity from 23Kw was a whopping $500... There was also a four month wait for the equipment. BTW, having lived in Florida for twenty years, there is a reason its called Florida Flicker & Light. When it gets cold, everyone turns on their electric heat. Rolling brownouts are a treat during the holidays. Generators come in hand for storms down there, too. Mike
  16. You've now been warned twice... 😱. The worst part are backups for the "just in case" moments. You only need two, but you get three; you need a quad, but just in case, you buy that matched sextet... I, too, prefer the tone of EL34s to KT88, 120s, etc. Conrad Johnson has supplied [relatively] inexpensive, new Mullard EL34's in some equipment. They are very sweet in the midrange and don't give up bass. A matched quad should run about $120 or so. I am running Svetlana EL34 in my Cary right now; I think they are terrific. If you go the route of a new set of tubes, stop until you decide which family of tubes you prefer and that will take a while. Then you can start rolling. Just my thoughts... Have fun!
  17. After reading Mz. Kitty’s post, I decided to replace my KR Audio 300b tubes with my new WE300b tubes. After frittering the morning away, I completely agree with her assessment. A fine vail has been removed and the sound is clear and precise. I especially note it on strings; fascinating to hear the bow or fingers move. No flab in the bass, either. A serious & worthwhile improvement. BTW, they glow in daylight, too. Mike
  18. The 170i Transport extracts digital audio data from the iPod directly, deliberately bypassing the iPod’s analog audio electronics. In this way, the digital audio data can be routed to the digital inputs of a pre or to an outboard DAC Either way, the resulting sound quality is light years ahead of what you’d normally hear through the iPod itself. On the video side of the equation, the 170i Transport makes no attempt to bypass the iPod’s electronics but rather presents pass-through video signals via S-Video or component video outputs—the highest quality output formats the iPod can support. With the help of the Wadia 170i Transport and a good DAC , the iPod becomes a high-capacity, low-cost, portable “music server” that can hold its own in comparison to comparatively expensive and very well-regarded high end audio components. Milled aluminum construction; works exactly as designed and in very good cosmetics with no issues sonically. I had this as a 3d backup and decided that is way too much redundancy. Includes Wadia remote, power adapter/cable, worn box & photocopy of operating instructions. $125 plus insurance & shipping to you. PayPal is fine. Please email any questions. Thanks. Mike
  19. Like one or two on the forum, I have too much stuff. Time to move a few redundant pieces (how many DACs does anyone need?) But with a translucent front panel this one looks the best at night... The MHDT Steeplechase DAC is capable of up to 24bits/192kHz digital signal inputs. This DAC does not operate in NOS mode. The tube buffer may be in line to “color” the sound, but also to change output impedance more easily. The USB input section is in asynchronous operation. Three independent digital inputs; USB, BNC/RCA and Toslink. The digital inputs are independent to each other; only one will be active and is controlled by the tact switches located on front panel. Specifications: Digital Receiver: CS8416 D/A converter: AK4396 Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (± 2dB) Output impedance: 32 ohms Output level: 2.8 Vrms All inputs support 16/24 bits/ 32 kHz up to 192 kHz Dimensions (W x D X H): 276 x 150 x 60 mm Weight: 2 kg. Currently running a Western Electric 396A tube with a silicone damping ring. The original JAN GE 5670W will be included. No power cord - just as MHDT sells its DACs. The only issue is one of screws to hold the top plate in place is missing. $300 plus shipping & insurance to you. PayPal is fine. Please email any questions. Thanks.
  20. Done, thanks. Right now it's in a fenced back yard with the other car blocking the locked gate.
  21. Somedays you just have to get out of the house...so I'll take a house with me. There is enough room for me & the dog, but where do I put the La Scalas?
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