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  1. I have accumulated way too many speaker cables. This is a sale of the three pairs cables shown: * Hannlinte 12 ga. braided with banana termination * MIT ZapChord with spade termination * MIT MusicChord bare wire termination All are at least 8’ long and in good condition with no issues. I swapped out the Hannlinte spades for bananas and will include the original spades. $100 including shipping in the lower 48. PayPal is fine. Please email any questions. Thanks. Mike
  2. The weather has been too nice to resist this 2012 Mini with 13K miles.
  3. The link works, but MDF is really not "particle board." Low density Fiberboard (LDF) is generally referred to as "particle board" or "chip board;" not to be confused with Oriented Strand Board (OSB) which looks like it should be called chip board. Just saying after 23 years in the forest products industry... Mike PS: Not debating the merits of any products' use in speakers; the designers have done that.
  4. Its complicated... My father & PWK received their EE together at Stanford. Dad was with Jensen & CTS and followed what PWK was doing. I grew up with a loaded horn in the living room... Then I married a gal from El Dorado (two counties SE of Hope); her parents were from Hope & I met PWK in 70 or 71. Heard K'horns then and have never forgotten my fascination with their sound.
  5. Santa Rosa CA https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649623925-1-pair-klipsch-la-scalas/ Per ad: with AA crossovers. K22, K35v & K77 $1300
  6. Sonically, yes. But looking at his wall & cabinet neither would be a particularly good fit. I faced a similar quandary when I wanted K'horns (still do). No corners and no place for false corners. Sometimes you have to work within the physical constraints of your home. Why haven't we suggested he build an acoustically correct addition to his house? Mike
  7. Having followed this thread from your telling title, my two cents is return them. You are obviously unhappy & second guessing your purchase. You got off on the “wrong foot” with the disconnected tweeter and that negatively flavored your impression of the speakers since even though they appear to be functioning properly now. It's likely nothing will get that from the corners of your mind. I still have that attitude about a particular model car I bought years ago regardless of its current reviews and stature. As you seem to view your Heresys favorably; consider swapping the La Scalas for a set of Cornwall IVs. You still get a “big” speaker that is not overpowered by the scale of your cabinet, has almost universally praised sound quality and you get about half your money back,. What’s not to like? The added bonus is that in a few weeks, someone can get on “open box” deal on a pair of walnut AL5s from Crutchfield. Just remember, all this supposed to be fun.
  8. Where do these number come from? I don't see anything similar in the reported stats. https://www.aarp.org/caregiving/health/info-2020/coronavirus-nursing-home-cases-deaths.html Mike
  9. Not quite: from Politico on 3/31 (and numerous other sources): Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, revealed on Tuesday that the White House coronavirus task force is seriously considering guidance that Americans wear masks to help thwart the rapid spread of COVID-19. But the country’s top infectious disease expert also acknowledged that such a directive has been complicated by the nationwide dearth of personal protective equipment. “The idea of getting a much more broad, community-wide use of masks outside of the health care setting is under very active discussion at the task force. The CDC group is looking at that very carefully,” Fauci told CNN. “The thing that has inhibited that a bit is to make sure that we don’t take away the supply of masks from the health care workers who need them,” he continued. “But once we get in a situation where we have enough masks, I believe there will be some very serious consideration about more broadening this recommendation of using masks.” And don't forget the Taskforce includes 21 other individuals.
  10. Here's a link to an CFP's analysis of Aytu: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4338518-aytu-bioscience-corona-portunist-40-downside "Before entering the Coronavirus testing market, Aytu BioSciences was an aggregator of marketed products with little penetration and, in my view, poor growth prospects. Its only existing testing product is an aid in the diagnosis of male infertility that is not approved for sale in the U.S. Management has quickly moved to bring a Chinese COVID-19 test to the U.S. market under emergency relaxed FDA guidelines." [emphasis added] From Autu's website describing themselves: we bring novel and needed treatments to market and to the millions of patients that need them. Novel products that can really help people feel better... "only existing testing product is an aid in the diagnosis of male infertility that is not approved for sale in the U.S." & "novel" sounds like the forefront of medical investigation to me. For the record, YouTube also pulled most of Aytu's promotional videos as well.
  11. If you do a quick search of "Covid & strokes," a variety of links (from both sides of the media spectrum) come up.
  12. Don’t forget Fox, Brietbart, Hannity, Limbaugh, Inghram, Drudge, 4Chan, 8Chan & Beck…
  13. In his Thursday-evening White House coronavirus press briefing, President Donald Trump mused that bringing "light" inside the body or even injecting people's lungs with disinfectants should be investigated as coronavirus treatments. Trump made the comments after Bill Bryan, the head of the science and technology directorate at the Department of Homeland Security, discussed some research about how COVID-19 reacted to sunlight. "So I asked Bill a question some of you are thinking of if you're into that world, which I find to be pretty interesting. So, supposing we hit the body with a tremendous, whether its ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said, that hasn't been checked but you're gonna test it. And then I said, supposing it brought the light inside the body, which you can either do either through the skin or some other way, and I think you said you're gonna test that too, sounds interesting. And I then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute, and is there a way you can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning. Because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it'd be interesting to check that. So you're going to have to use medical doctors, but it sounds interesting to me, so we'll see. But the whole concept of the light, the way it goes in one minute, that's pretty powerful."
  14. Ozium Used in labs, vets, etc. Will eradicate nearly any odor.
  15. I have a neighbor who works at a smokeless tobacco plant; they are an essential industry here and he is working 12 hour shifts, minimum of 6 days per week. Go figure...
  16. USA Audio Mart & the Canuck Audio Mart have been good sites. You'd also be surprised how many times "things" just pop up by doing a Bing search of KR Audio or whatever you are looking for. As I mentioned earlier, this can be exhausting (or at least time consuming). Good luck. Mike
  17. The grab bag is moving to North Carolina! Thanks. Mike
  18. Jim: I believe so. The 300BXLS will operate just fine in your amp, it just will not offer the increased output the tube is capable of delivering. I discovered something else that may be unique to a set of KR 300BXLS tubes I own: the base is almost the exact size as the Cary chassis cut out and I have to force the tubes down to seat. Conversely I have to exert significant up-force to remove them. I decided to relegate them to tube closet for now. Your results may vary. IMHO, the question to be asked is are they NOS or used? I don't think Cary has offered KR tubes for about 20 years or so. That said I have a pair of used KR 300B tubes form 2009 I am listening to right now. By the way, I am using Brimar NOS tubes for my rectifier and input tubes. I came across them from a fellow who once had a Melos pre & amp which was quite high end in its day so I thought I'd give them a shot. I think they work well. For my other Cary, I am using to try new JJ Tesla tubes. I'll let you know how they sound. Chasing reputable NOS tubes can be exhausting... :-) Good luck. Mike
  19. I was at a dealers last fall and he demo'd an interesting spin for added depth. He had one of these free standing tweeters at the top rear of each speaker directed at the wall for reflectance. I A/B'd it and felt it made a noticeable and satisfying change to the sound, adding significant depth. Facing forward did not have the same impact or interest. Amazingly, they are named "Taket Batpro2." They are all over Fleabay at about $450/pair. They are about the size of a pack of cards, have 100dB effeciency and a 5 step attenuator. I thought in the right circumstance I might try a pair, but with La Scalas and my current room acoustics, it would less than satisfactory. Just throwing it our for what its worth. Mike
  20. mostly Three Dog Night, but sometimes Cat Stevens ...
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