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  1. As we all know on the forum, equalizers are either an absolute necessity or the worst thing you do to the sound from a Heritage loudspeaker. No middle ground. This is for the former group. The 9010 is from the "Flat Group;" Technics' first foray into high end audio equipment. Technics designed the SH-9010 with variable frequencies; by turning the control knob below each slide pot, the center frequency can be moved up or down by as much as 1.6 octaves. The five slide pots per channel cover the following ranges: Center Frequency variable between: 60Hz 20Hz-180Hz 240Hz 80Hz-720Hz 1kHz 333Hz-3kHz 4kHz 1.3kHz-12kHz 16kHz 5.3kHz-48kHz As adjustment is continuous, center frequencies can be set accurately at the desired points. What's more, settings are independent for each stereo channel. "Q" (or slope or bandwidth) adjustment is also independent for each band of each stereo channel. Thus the SH-9010 offers an infinite combination of three adjustments: 1. Boost or attenuation up to 12dB at five points in the frequency spectrum 2. Precise adjustment of those five bands by more than an octave overlap between adjacent bands 3. Adjustment of "Q" for each frequency band between the range of Q = 0.7 to 7 Very good condition. Unit is silent; all pots and sliders were cleaned and lubed this year. No scratching or sounds when making adjustments. All lamps work. The unit has minimal scratches from normal use; rack mount face plate and top cover look nearly new. Includes copy of owner’s manual and service manual. SOLD. Mike
  2. To me, today’s “open concept” family room - kitchen - dining room is an acoustic nightmare. I enjoy music in the background, but given the acoustics, I knew I could not have ultimate fidelity in this area. So I started looking for a [relatively] inexpensive integrated for the family room. After perusing the usual suspects, I came across this forlorn Separo SE-300I integrated with lots of tubes and a flashy gold front end. Since I never heard of it, I did my research and discovered its had a interesting back story but only about two reviews in its short life. One was unfavorable and the other gushed. After reading the specs, my hunch was it would be closer to the gush. What sold me was it weighs 65 pounds! Its all transformers! So for the munificent sum of $649 including shipping from the west coast (!), the family room now sports 10 watts of class A power. With the no name tubes, it sounds terrific. Depth, soundstage, midrange; its quite lovely. Even the 300Bs glow blue. I had to reinforce the table it rests on because it weights every bit of 65 pounds. Now that I know it works very well, I’ll roll the good stuff in. Even a blind pig…
  3. I have way too many tubes in the tube drawer. Please read the small label to id the tube (the box indicate the brand if noting maker is otherwise noted). The four Tung Sold are in fact matched 6SN7GTBs. "Green" sticker means “good.” "Yellow" means the tunes are more than three years old. "Orange" means I had the tubes several years and don't recall how much use it had. But they all work as intended. All are in good shape with no issues other than I replaced them with NOS. In fact, the three 6922 probably have less than an hour combined (I was trying to get a Conrad Johnson to not hiss through La Scalas- a losing effort). The Tung Sols, about 100 hours. These 17 tubes just need to move from my tube drawer to your’s. $100 for all plus shipping to you. Please email any questions. Thanks.
  4. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisah1gj-klipsch-klipschorn-ak6-75th-anniversary-heritage-speakers-limited-edition-matched-p-full-range
  5. If you have an iPod, this dock allows you to integrate it into your system.The Wadia 170iTransport was the first dock letting you bypass the iPod's built-in digital-to-analog converter so you can run your own DAC for better sound. The 170iTransport also features one component video output, a pair of RCA outputs and one S-video output. compatible with all 30 pin docking iPods, including the 120GB iPod classic, curved screen iPod nano, and second generation iPod touch bypasses iPod's built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) analog stereo RCA output S-video and component video output powder-coated cast aluminum chassis remote control 8"W x 2-3/4"H x 9-11/16”D The remote is the all metal unit from the higher end Wadia dac/amps. But in all candor, I can’t read the type from across the room… Works great; I just don't need another back up. $75 plus shipping to you. Please email any questions.
  6. From when Bob ruled the audio world. In his words: The Phase Linear 1000 is a dynamic range recovery system. Recording studios and record processing companies employ a number of necessarily evil techniques brought about by the state of the recording art. Taken together, these techniques may be described as processes which serve to limit and restrict the dynamic range of recorded material. Unfortunately, their use is necessary in order to put the tremendous range of live music onto the surface of modern phonograph discs and tapes. When used properly, the Phase Linear 1000 will significantly correct these shortcomings inherent in the recording process. Long ago and far away when I used an original AR turntable with an M91ED cartridge through a Marantz 2230B, it improved playback of records. It had a similar effect as a DBX 3BX. The audible impact on CDs is negligible in my opinion. Clean unit with no particular issues; it works as Bob intended (no clicks, pops or hiss) and comes with a copy of the owners manual and service manual. $75 including shipping to you in the lower 48.
  7. Anyone considering selling a primo pair? I'll consider a package with the Klipsch headphone amp as well. Let me know. Thanks. Mike
  8. Shouldn't Nipper be in front of the RCAs?
  9. LOL; wish I had thought of that. Not to justify or debate the concept, I find it interesting the knock offs, which are nearly 100% of the original design, can be retailed for well under $2000 while after 65 years of production, Herman Miller still retails the originals for $5500 or so. 'tis a puzzlement.
  10. Because to me, the poser chair is more comfortable than the Stressless chair.
  11. If it is an electronic key, be seated when they tell you how much it will cost. Gone are the days you can get a 99 cent key cut for your car.
  12. Perhaps, but for me its the tilt of the low back and seat cushions that induce the "relaxing" angle. I spent some time in an Eames chair before purchase and knew what to expect. For me, it's just it really doesn't mate well with La Scala. (I could adjust the height on my other stand mount speakers.) Interestingly, the chair was a good match for my Forte IVs. It's all in the tweeter/ear match. Even if you "just" use it for headphones, its a very comfortable and relaxing chair. Good luck!
  13. 6' I found myself slouching in the Eames chair to fully recline into the headrest. Must better for headphones IMHO. The back of the club chair comes to about 4" below my shoulder. Plus with a sold side, Benny can sleep next to the chair. :-)
  14. Yes to both in my experience. Not a good chair for La Scalas. The back slope & floor to ear height need to be considered for your speakers. For example, most recommend 24" stands for LS3/5s, KEF 50s, etc. Nope, I needed to sit up straight for proper soundstage & imaging in the pseudo Eames. But once you get that sorted out, its great. Perfect for headphones as well. Ultimately I moved it out of the listening room as it just sat too low for most speakers (especially my La Scalas) and moved in a club chair with a nearly straight back. Not quite as comfortable, but good for several hours listening at a stretch at the proper ear height.
  15. I bought mine here: https://theiconicchair.com/collections/entire-collection Very comfortable and durable. However, it places my ears about 4" too low for my La Scala's optimum listening height. Your results may vary.
  16. Wow. That thread makes us look like saints! I especially like the quote "The words of physics and wine tasting is so much fun, applied to resistors." and that they dis John Curl...
  17. Wow; that is fascinating reading. I don't think I'd replace the logo with McIntosh, though. Maybe "Porsche" to really confuse people... Hopefully someone will send one over to ASR for review & testing. Can't wait for the review on the C-22.
  18. or they are part of the 99% of packages and containers not inspected upon entry. But that is not where I was going; I said the circuitry and parts are readily available. And while copyrights are no my area of expertise, I doubt the circuitry is so unique as to have a copyright or a patent. Its always been my understanding the transformers are key to a Mc. But again, I doubt they are patented or copyrighted. Now the visual image of the amp may be subject to trade or service mark and I think that could lead to problems or a claim of counterfeiting, so I'd make it look like something else, the ubiquitous box (or a carver 275 :-0 ). The idea is to duplicate how it sounds, not to make a copy. And as a real world example, there has not been a real Lotus Seven made in 50 plus years, but I can buy updated duplicates & copies all day long. The body mold for Intermechanica Porsche speedster kit was made from a Porsche Speedster body. So long as you don't say this is a Mc 275, you're "golden..." so to speak. As Cadillac used in advertising in the teens (the nineteens that is), imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  19. What's interesting is there is no reason it cannot sound 99% (or more) of a Mc 275. The schematics and parts are widely available and if one was determined, the transformers could be duplicated as well. I just don't have an extra $2750 to find out. Plus if I liked gold trim, I'd have had a Manley for the last 25 years or bought that JPS Lotus Europa 50 years ago. Just sayin'.
  20. Absolutely and I believe Fannoise would be a great match.
  21. Wow! And free shipping! AND there is an upgraded model for merely $200 more! "If the huge thrust is powerful and demeanor, but it still retains the smooth texture of a vacuum tube machine, it has an open and wide sound field, listening to the large-scale orchestral music is especially wonderful, you can easily feel the hierarchical voices, the undulating dynamics in the music Thick and full sound bottom, rich and strong low frequency, near music is full of power and vitality." Count me in! https://www.ebay.com/itm/125144938242?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D238113%26meid%3D78468de3dd7f4be099d14db4849ee135%26pid%3D101113%26rk%3D12%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D185369394039%26itm%3D125144938242%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2563228%26algv%3DDefaultOrganicWeb%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2563228.c101113.m2108
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