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  1. Ok folks, bump with an additional reduction to $1050..
  2. Dimensions of the case: Height(including rubber feet):6.85” Depth:12” Width: 18”
  3. Sure! She’s beautiful on the inside as well I’ll add a couple photos after work today.
  4. Bump for this Peach, reduced to $1100 🍑
  5. Hey all, I’m listing a beautiful JMA Peach for sale. I bought the unit from Mark1101 here in the Klipsch community last year. I’ve enjoyed it greatly but I’m getting married this year and it’s time to let go of a few items to help the wedding fund. This Peach went back to Mark Dineen over the years for all the upgrades except the metal box and the remote. It’s operating perfectly, and I can’t find any cosmetic blemish on it. Included are the original manual, extra set of tubes, and schematic. I’m asking what I paid for it- $1200 plus shipping. I have the elaborate protective packaging Mark shipped this to me in, so rest assured it will be well-packed if you need it shipped. Any questions, let me know. Thanks for looking!
  6. Lucky for me, Mark is an upstanding gent and I’ve got a nice juicy peach on the way..
  7. Hey all, I normally lurk and enjoy content on Audiokarma, but some have suggested putting feelers out here. I’m in the market for a Juicy Music Peach preamp. I bought one off the big auction site and then the seller informed me it was broken 😭 now I have an itch to hear one.. ill pay top dollar! Let me know.. Thanks, Graham
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