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  1. Klipsch replaced my T5s. They had the issue of dropping out when walking. They had said it was going to be fixed with a firmware update, but the app had been pushed off until at least November. I was sceptical but went through the replacement process anyway. Turns out this pair works great, as advertised. I still have the issue that the large tips they supplied are too small for me. It adds a step, but I switched to comply T100s that have to be removed before I put the T5s in the case. They are the comfort series so they fit great. Now if the app could just be released...
  2. Have you tried the Comply T100 comforts with the memory foam that fits to the shape of your ear canal?
  3. I found T100s from Comply work. I have 2 issues with them though: 1. They pop off easy so the memory foam ones can release in your ear when removing bud. 2. Have to remove them to fit in case.
  4. I've since used these a bit for listening to music while out and about. Mine skipped also with phone in pocket, but seemed to be fine with phone held still, waste high. Not sure this is something they are going to fix with firmware update.
  5. I received mine last week. The sound is good. I have 1 main issue which morphs into 2. The large ear tips are too small for me. The buds simply fall out. That lead me to try one of the Comply foam tips (I typically buy these for my headphones/earbuds and have various ones around). I believe it is the T100 that works with these. Those work fine but then came the second issue. There is no room in the charger for larger foam tips. I have to remove the tips if I want to charge the buds and the removed tips won't fit loosely in the charger either. I feel this is a major oversite by charger designer … too much work to make it cool, but not enough to make it functional for some practical purposes.
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