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  1. hi guys, i was just wondering if Classé amps are cheaper in canada than the USA since they are a canadian product. For example, the Bryston 7BST sell for 3000 dollars us in america, and 3000 canadian in canada. I figured that this is the same case with classe since they are also canadian amps like bryston. Am i right! thank you
  2. Thank again Seb and The Ear. Peace!
  3. Hey whats up guys, Yep im back again with more questions. Anyways last week i bought the pw-2200 sub, and am considering upgrading to the servo-15. Reason, well servo has cleaner bass. Anyways what i need to know is how much spl will i lose roughly at 20hz when switching to the servo. I know that the pw-2200 is louder since it is ported, but is it THAT MUCH LOUDER down low compared to servo-15. I would like clean bass with double the spl at 20 hz lets compared to a D-BOX david 300 (my last sub) My other question is i listen to mainly Hip-hop, R&B, and some other types of simiular music. Well the servo-15 sound better on these types of music when once again compared to PW-2200. Sorry i asked so many questions, but before i go audition to servo-15 80 km away, i thought i would get a few opinions. Thanks!
  4. Well do you guys live in ontario, near toronto. I live in brampton, and there 2 different places, both about 15 minutes away from me who can order them, but don't stock them. Anyways make sure you say someother (any other paradigm dealer) said he would give it to you at that price, BUT could not get it for about 4 weeks. That's what i did, and got it ordered for 660.00 over the phone. Peace, and good luck!
  5. Thanks guys, i can now audition the pw-2200 in my home, and then put down 660.00 plus taxes canadian ( i know it's cheap ahhhh, LOL). Anyways thanks again, couldn't have done it without you!
  6. Hey guys, I just thought of another pw-2200 question. My reciever (onkyo tx-ds575x) has a fixaed crossover at 80hx when speakers are set to small. What should i set the crossover to on sub, is 80 hz ok. The other thing is can't i disable the crossover on the pw-2200 so just the recievers bass management is working. If not, then what happens exactly when two cross-overs are in a effect, does the sound quality degrade. I think this is a question for you the ear or maybe even Seb. I dunno. Thanks again!
  7. !SEB DOES NOT SELL PARADIGM DAMNET your welcome seb!
  8. Wow a new servo-25, any idea on what the price is going to be for it in canadian dollars seb. If it's the same as the servo-15, then i will save up more money and go for servo-25. Thanks!
  9. Thanks guys, i am now for sure am convinced the PW-2200 is for me, but i do have one other concern which has to do with placement. My room is about 14 x 19 x 8 feet, and the only place that i can put the paradigm is in the corner, about 13 inches away from back wall and 14 inches away from side wall. The sub actually fires into an opening (my hall) 19 feet away. My concern is will the sub sound boomy if placed in that position, firing into an opening. I have heard many people say thhe pw-2200 is only good when away from corners, but then also hear if placed a minimum of 12 inches away from back wall it will be fine. Thanks again!
  10. thanks guys, but one more question for the ear. I did audition the pw-2200 in the store and to me it sounded less boomy at all frequencys. Is this one other aspect i will notice when upgrading from d-box. thanks again!
  11. So what do you guys think, will i notice a big difference in sound quality as well as quantity. Also will the pw-2200 be more musical. Just a few quick questions i had before upgrading. Thanks to all who help, the other, well, ahhhh. Sorry, just kiding, LOL!
  12. Thanks the ear, but do you have any idea on what the price in canada might be for this sub. Also based on opinions i assume, since you have never personally heard the sub, how would you compare the ASW 650 to the all famous PW-2200 in terms of output at 20hz and overal tightness for both music and ht. Thanks again!
  13. Hey guys, has anybody heard this new sub yet. If so what are you thoughts, and do you have any idea what the retail price is on it. Thanks!
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