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  1. Hello ! after tests my amplifier produces 8 mV (millivolts) in D.C, on each side, i believe it's not enough to kill a woofer ?
  2. Bonjour :! mon amplificateur est un Pass Labs INT 30, je pense que c'est de bonne qualité. Comment puis-je voir ce courant continu? J'ai un petit voltmètre, dois-je le faire quand la musique joue? Sans musique mais amplificateur "en marche"? Hi ! testsare done to day, i found 8 millivolts in DC on both sides, not enough to kill a Klipsch woofer. The mystery is still alive !
  3. Thank's !!! i changed every boomer on my Cornwall III and they are ok now.....
  4. Hello ! thank's for your welcome. No, i don't know why my boomer was out of service. Maybe the salesman sold me demonstration models, they worked with a big Mac Intosch amplifier, i think a 2 x 200 watts strong !!! And this salesman closed his shop some monthes after i bought my Klipsch. Glups.....
  5. OK Billy, than'ks !! well, they only have 5 years but one of the boomers "died" in 2018. I don't know why, i never do "special nights" with my hifi..... In France it's impossible to find Klipsch Speakers, so i installed Eminence Kappa 15 instead of the originals. The Eminence are very good and work well.
  6. Hello from France (Europe). Sorry for my bad english (or american). I got Cornwall III since 2014 and very happy with them (with a Pass Labs INT 30, miam !) but i'm not an electronic specialist, so impossible to say if this diagram is good or not. It would be good to find a diagram for Cornwall III !!
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